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the renovation of bulgaria blvd. begins
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The long-awaited renovation of Bulgaria Blvd. in Veliko Tarnovo starts today

From today – November 5, the implementation of the project for replacement of the water supply network under Bulgaria Blvd. and partially – under Bacho Kiro St. and Tsar Samuil St. (next to the intersection with Tsar Todor Svetoslav St.) begins.  The first stage of the renovation starts from Tsar Samuil Street, which will be excavated to replace the water supply and sewerage collector and  will last two weeks. The residents in the area have already been warned to move their cars so that the contractor company can start the repair. The temporary organization of the traffic is prepared and will be directed through the nearby Tsar Ivan Alexander str., next to the polyclinic.

Gradually, the excavation works will be moved in the direction of the court and along the boulevard, and due to the huge four-meter trenches the traffic will be closed and redirected in parts.

According to the contract, the construction will last 6 months, and the winter should not slow down its pace in view of the specifics of the work. The new sewerage and water pipes will be laid in the ditches and quality drainage will be formed in order to avoid the tidal waves with each heavy rain in the center. Once everything is finished, the section will be completely re-asphalted. The renovation of Bulgaria Blvd. took almost 2 years to begin, due to the mandatory procedures for selecting a contractor, the inspection with underground robots, the design and procurement of funds for the individual activities. The money is already available to solve one of the city’s biggest problems.

The renovation of Bulgaria blvd. is important for reducing the frequent accidents of water mains. The complete reconstruction will cost BGN 6.7 million, but the amount is total for the replacement of the water supply and sewerage system, construction of roundabouts in the area of ​​Belyakovsko Shosse and replacement of the stops, as well as for the subsequent complete asphalting. Тhe new canals and water mains cost 3.8 million themselves, because the losses on the old pipes exceeded 70%, and the accidents in the area are permanent.

In addition to preventing floods and water supply losses, the project is important because of the creation of a new traffic organization in the city. For example, a traffic light will be installed on Belyakovsko Shosse in the direction of Kolyu Ficheto and Krakow Streets, and chutes will be built to the traffic police and the neighboring streets to the boulevard for fast connection.

The main traffic light on the city market has already been replaced. The device has been replaced with a new one, with LED lighting and a controller that will allow the programming of green waves and the priority launch of buses and specialized vehicles.

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