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Homeless animals
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“Friends of Animals VT” is doing an online book bazaar, the funds are for homeless animals

A wide variety of book titles at symbolic prices are offered by Animal Friends VT in an online bazaar to raise funds for homeless animals. The books are both brand new and donated by volunteers and can be ordered on the association’s Facebook page. Since the books are sold out extremely quickly, the organizers appeal to anyone who wishes to donate a book that has already been read to the cause.

Funds raised will be used to cover the cost of treatment for injured dogs and cats receiving medical care at local veterinary clinics. The association “Friends of Animals VT” reminds that the annual campaign “Yellow pennies” continues, through which BGN 1,000 has been collected since the beginning of the year for the treatment of homeless animals

90 homeless dogs from the municipal shelter near Veliko Tarnovo found a home.

More than 90 homeless dogs housed in the municipal shelter near Veliko Tarnovo found their new owners and a home. That is the number of adoptions from the beginning of the year to the end of July. The adopters are mostly young people and families with small children, and each of their new pets is dewormed, vaccinated and neutered.

One of the goals of the municipal shelter is to promote the adoption of dogs. Anyone who wishes can visit the site, located only 10 minutes from the old capital city – between the villages of Shemshevo and Bukovets. Detailed information and photos of thе animals are constantly published on the Facebook page “Adopt from Veliko Tarnovo” –

A total of 130 dogs were accommodated in the shelter from January to the end of July 2022. 354 passed away – all were dewormed. There were 247 vaccinated quadrupeds for the period, 166 were chipped and 143 marked. There are 147 neutered dogs, 63 of them brought by citizens. In the shelter, the Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo offers free castration of domestic and yard dogs. Medical procedures are performed in the licensed outpatient clinic. Transportation from populated areas is free. After castration, each dog receives a chip, and the owners are exempt from the fee.

More information can be obtained on telephones 0884201234, 062619502 and 062619503.

Flights delays
News, Transport

Canceled flights and chaos at the airports in Europe

Hundreds of canceled and delayed flights due to lack of staff since the pandemic. Passengers are forced to wait for hours at European airports.

The main reasons for this situation are the lack of sufficient airport staff and the sharp increase in travelers after the abatement of the coronavirus pandemic. The result is canceled or delayed flights and many annoyed passengers.

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Multimedia book
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Three-dimensional “Tsarevets”, as it looked in the 14th century in a unique multimedia book

The Veliko Tarnovo entrepreneur Sabin Bijev, tempted by the history and his love for the Tsarevets fortress and his hometown, made a unique book about the emblematic fortress. The work on it takes him several years long research and the latest computer technology, but the author is satisfied, because every future reader will be able to get an idea of ​​the brilliance of the authentic Tsarevets and the Patriarchal complex.

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Yantra river
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Project for a recreation place and a beach near Yantra river in Veliko Tarnovo 

A place for recreation and a beach by Yantra River is planned to be created by the volunteers from Tarnovo Runs and the space for art and culture TAM in Veliko Tarnovo. The idea for this project attracted dozens of followers and together they managed to clean the coastline in front of the former railway boarding house in the city. They also find support from sponsors who stand behind the idea.

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