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New restrictive measures against the coronavirus in Bulgaria come into force today
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Two new orders of the Minister of Health coming into force today.

As of today (December 1), two orders of the Minister of Health Dr. Stoycho Katsarov enter into force. They are published on the website of the Ministry of Health.

The first order is extending the anti-epidemic measures from 1.12.2021 to 31.03.2022, the period in which the emergency epidemic situation was extended.

For the most part, the measures are the same as those currently in force. Teambuildings, visits to children’s centers, clubs and others, as well as holding congress-conference events, seminars, symposia, trainings, competitions, exams and other group events are prohibited. There are no mass events, such as music and other festivals, fairs, folklore initiatives and etc. Group visits to centers, schools and other sites for dance and music art have been suspended. Visits to libraries, museums, galleries, cinemas, theaters, circus performances, concerts and other indoor performances are prohibited. The ban also applies to the conduct of collective sports indoors, as well as visits to fitness centers, gyms and clubs, swimming pools and complexes, spa (medical SPA) centers, wellness centers and thalassotherapy centers. Visits to gambling halls, casinos and catering and entertainment establishments, as well as visits to shopping malls and shops with a net retail area of ​​over 300 sqm, bazaars and indoor exhibitions have been suspended.

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Construction of a buffer parking lot in Veliko Tarnovo
Lifestyle, News, Transport

The construction of the first of the two buffer parking lots in Veliko Tarnovo has started.

The investment for the construction of the parking lot amounts to BGN 900,000 without VAT and it will be situated under the Baldwin Tower – in the Frankhisar area. It is a part of the large project of the Municipality for integrated urban transport, and the contractor is “Road Construction-VT”. The parking lot will be located on an area of ​​6.3 decares, and the idea is for tourists to stop there and use the parking ticket to travel by electric buses without traffic jams. The three electric buses, which the Municipality bought for BGN 1.9 million, have already been delivered and located in a garage until the parking lot is built.

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Black friday
Lifestyle, News, Things to do

“Black Friday” in Mall Veliko Tarnovo and other big stores in the city

On the 26th of November it’s going to be the so called “Black Friday” in most of the stores in the city and the country.

Mall Veliko Tarnovo promises to its visitors discounts in the stores to reach – 70%

A variety of winter jackets and shoes, sportswear and accessories, jewelry for the upcoming holidays, tableware and decorations are just a small part of all the items, that you can find in the stores.
Mall Veliko Tarnovo is reminding for the need of strict compliance with all anti-epidemic measures and conditions according to the order of the Minister.

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the renovation of bulgaria blvd. begins
Lifestyle, Local Roads, News

The long-awaited renovation of Bulgaria Blvd. in Veliko Tarnovo starts today

From today – November 5, the implementation of the project for replacement of the water supply network under Bulgaria Blvd. and partially – under Bacho Kiro St. and Tsar Samuil St. (next to the intersection with Tsar Todor Svetoslav St.) begins.  The first stage of the renovation starts from Tsar Samuil Street, which will be excavated to replace the water supply and sewerage collector and  will last two weeks. The residents in the area have already been warned to move their cars so that the contractor company can start the repair. The temporary organization of the traffic is prepared and will be directed through the nearby Tsar Ivan Alexander str., next to the polyclinic.

Gradually, the excavation works will be moved in the direction of the court and along the boulevard, and due to the huge four-meter trenches the traffic will be closed and redirected in parts.

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New anti-epidemic measures come into force today

As of today, November 4th, all planned admission and operative activity in the medical establishments on the territory of the country will be temporarily suspended. Exceptions are allowed for activities related to transplantation of organs and cells, diagnosis and treatment of patients with oncological and onco hematological diseases, assisted reproduction activities and births, regardless of the method of delivery, rehabilitation activities, long-term treatment and psychiatric care. These measures are stated in an order of the Minister of Health Dr. Stoycho Katsarov, issued yesterday.

The aim is to reduce the pressure on the health system on one hand and on the other hand, it will be possible for unloaded wards to be restructured into COVID units and medical teams to be reassigned to serve patients with COVID-19.

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