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New parking for 180 cars in the center of Veliko Tarnovo and with a free one-hour stay

By the spring of 2025 the Central Market will be completely renovated

Veliko Tarnovo news – after a long wait Veliko Tarnovo will finally have a new, big parking lot in the center.
This will happen at the Central Market, where the demolition of the sheet metal shacks began a week ago. The removal of the brick buildings on the side of “Bulgaria” Blvd. began a few days ago.

veliko tarnovo news

It is in their place that a multi-level parking lot will be built, which will accommodate 180 cars. The good news is that everyone will be able to park for free for an hour. Parking spaces are planned on the second level, and below will be a commercial area for fruits and vegetables. There will also be several EV charging stations with free charging bonuses.

Renovation also includes the eastern entrance of the market

At the eastern entrance, 5 more parking spaces will be built. They will serve those who wish to stop by for breakfast or to buy a flower.
It is the flower area that will also be renovated, as part of the central entrance of the complex, in which the Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo and the private company “Magro Market – M” are partners.

The investment of just over 2 million

It’s part of the approved investment program of the company with 49% municipal participation.

veliko tarnovo news

This is big Veliko Tarnovo news because the market has been renovated for decades. Also there is a huge need for parking spaces in the center of the town.

A solar plant with a capacity of 300 kw has already been built on the market in the existing parking lot. To the delight of tenants and customers, the long-awaited replacement of the vegetable tables has already begun. The first ones were delivered and installed, and the rest will come in stages. The mixed company “Markets – Veliko Tarnovo” OOD turned out to be the most profitable in which the Municipality has a stake, unlike others. Last year, a profit of BGN 4 million was distributed. Of which nearly BGN 2 million went into the local treasury.

The overall renovation of the market will be completed by the spring of 2025. The company informed the investor about the longer period planned for the site’s renovation, during which it will continue to function and not be closed.

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