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Veliko Tarnovo events

There are always interesting events in Veliko Tarnovo

What to do in Veliko Tarnovo – we have the perfect suggestion for you: “Fun in Elena” 28-30.04.2023

The VI Folklore festival – singing and dancing “Fun in Elena” will be opened on April 28 in Elena. The festival is held under the patronage of the mayor of the municipality and will last for 3 days. The organizers – Napreduk – Elena – 1863 People’s Community Center – town of Elena and Folkloric Formation “Balkandzhiche” invite you to this wonderful and colorful holiday.

Veliko Tarnovo festivals

The festival is a display of talents in the field of Bulgarian folk song and dance art. Its aim is to preserve and enrich the Bulgarian national culture. The goals are to popularize the Bulgarian way of life and culture; to present the diversity of Bulgarian folk art. To preserve and pass on the cultural heritage involved in the construction of the Bulgarian identity. To assert the presence of dance and music folklore in contemporary life. And to provide opportunities for numerous collectives to perform on stage while encouraging continuity.

Veliko Tarnovo events

“Fun in Elena” takes place in two stages – competition and festival.

All collectives who are looking for a stage, but won’t compete with each other, can participate in the festival section. There is no age limit for the participants at this stage. Age is relevant only for the competition part. The participants in the competition program are evaluated by a qualified professional jury in the field of Bulgarian song and dance folklore.

festivals in Veliko Tarnovo

While you are in Elena you can visit some historical places:

Hilarion Makariopolski House-Museum

Houses Veliko Tarnovo

The Hilarion Makariopolski house-museum was built around 1710-1715 in the town of Elena. In the courtyard of the house, you can see the Hajichrist fountain and the monument to the Bulgarian fighter for church independence. It is one of the most interesting houses in the town, with great historical and architectural value, of the type of the rich Elena talpen houses. The house has been restored, but all the furniture and objects of Hilarion Makariopolski have been preserved in it.

Popnikola’s house

Traditional houses Veliko Tarnovo area

The Popnikola house is located in the town of Elena. It was built around 1830. It was declared an architectural and construction monument. The house has a typical revival character. The most special thing about it is its appearance, with the specificity coming from the fact that each subsequent floor is higher than the other, which improves its appearance. The house has been completely restored and serves as a museum and scientific base for paleontology at the University of Sofia.

Daskalolivnitsa (Architectural-Historical Complex)

Elena Traditional house

The architectural-historical complex Daskalolivnitsa is located in the town of Elena, in Stara Planina. It includes the temples of St. Nicholas, Assumption of the Virgin Mary, the building of Elensko grade school – better known as Daskalolivnitsa, Guneva house, Zlateva The Daskalolivnitsa was built in 1844. It is present in the coat of arms of the city of Elena.

If you are a Veliko Tarnovo sports and nature enthusiast and want to enjoy the beautiful nature of the Elena’s Balkan visit the Hristovski waterfall.

Bulgaria nature

Hristovski waterfall Christ Falls is located on the Miykovska River, next to the village of Ruhovtsi, in the Elensky Balkans. It was declared a protected natural site in 1974. The Hristovi waterfall is a 9-meter wave that falls and crashes into rocks. The waterfall can be reached via a specially built eco-path. There are extensive meadows around the waterfall, which are ideal for relaxing in nature.

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