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Veliko Tarnovo festivals – Hotnitsa holiday

Village Hotnitsa celebrates its holiday on May 5. Saint Irina is honoured on this date.

The church in the village is named after this saint. On May 5, the church “St. Irina” turns 187 years since its establishment. It is one of the oldest in the Veliko Tarnovo region. It is always open for visits on major Christian holidays. If you are looking for some interesting festivals in Veliko Tarnovo area – Hotnitsa is the right destination for you.

The celebration will be in the churchyard. At 10:30 a.m. the festive liturgy will begin, and at 11 a.m. Mayor Desislav Yordanov will give a welcome speech.  The program will continue with holiday concert by Hotnicheski babi and a dance troupe from the village of Shemshevo. If you are there at 11.30 you can get a taste of the festive Kurban food. It will be given for free for the health of the residents and guests of the village of Hotnitsa.

veliko tarnovo festivals

At 19.00, the village fun begins with a DJ, grill and beer. The first 100 kebabs and 100 beers are for free. At 21.00 there will be a surprise for all guests. Everyone is welcome, invited by the City Hall, “Svetnila 1895” Primary School and “Bohot” CPI.

While you are in the village you can visit the Hotnitsa Waterfall (“Kaya Bunar”)

Located only 15 km. from the town of Veliko Tarnovo Bulgaria, the Hotnitsa Waterfall will show you one of nature’s incredible creations. After crossing a small wooden bridge, you will find yourself in a vast meadow, which will open you to an amazing view of the waterfall. You can easily reached the waterfall by car from the village of Hotnitsa or by turning off the main Sofia-Varna road near the village of Momin Sbor. From there the road goes to the village of Hotnitsa and descends right to the waterfall. If you visit this waterfall, you will certainly not be able to dispute the beauty of Bulgarian natural phenomena.

Next to the waterfall you can see a beautiful eco-path built in the area with many wooden bridges and stone steps.

Eco-trail “Hotnitsa waterfall”

Bulgaria nature

To the left of the waterfall, clinging to the high rocks, begins the Hotnitsa eco-path. Although it’s not one of the big ones – its length is only about one and a half kilometres and it takes about half an hour to walk, but it is very interesting. The trail moves up the river and reaches the upper part of the canyon, walking the entire cascade of Khotnishki waterfalls along the Bohot river. The trail begins with stone steps uphill that reach a small landing just above the large waterfall. After that, the path continues further up, alternating stone and wooden steps and bridges.

For more Veliko Tarnovo festivals and entertainment in Veliko Tarnovo follow VT-Today.

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