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Major new highway Ruse – Veliko Tarnovo: the debate continues

Last month the government Agency for “Roads Infrastructure” (API) announced dates for a series of meetings to consult with local people on the proposed routes for the new highway between Ruse and Veliko Tarnovo, as reported by VT-Today Nov 23rd: Ruse-Veliko-Tarnovo-Highway.

The new road has an approximate length of 133 km. The beginning of the project is 3 km east of the existing Danube Bridge near Ruse and ends just south of Veliko Tarnovo, connecting with the existing road I-55 between the small towns of Kilifarevo and Debelets. The project is divided into three main sections: from Ruse to Byala, the bypass of the town of Byala and the section from Byala to Veliko Tarnovo.

A total of 10 meetings took place between November 28th and December 1st…… Continue Reading

Veliko Tarnovo weather in December

Veliko Tarnovo Weather in December- what to expect

With the holidays coming everyone is eager to know whether we will have snowy Christmas and cold, proper winter. Krassimir Stoev – a meteorologist at the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology at the Bulgarian Academy of Science (NIMH-BAS) gives detailed information on the subject and particularly about Veliko Tarnovo weather in December. Continue Reading

Veliko Tarnovo cultural award

Veliko Tarnovo municipality was awarded for successful projects in the sphere of cultural tourism

Velikon Tarnovo municipality was honoured by the Bulgarian Hotel And Restourant Association (BHRA) with a prize for sustainable development in cultural and historical tourism for the current 2017. Veliko Tarnovo cultural award is a true recognition for the work of the local authorities in accomplishing projects  for improving the historical sights and attracting greater tourist flow. Continue Reading

Veliko Tarnovo holiday season
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Veliko Tarnovo holiday season begins: a whole month of cultural Christmas events has been organized- part two

A series of children’s theatre productions will please the kids in this year’s Veliko Tarnovo Holiday season. On the stage of “Vesel” will be presented the plays “The Little Match Girl” (November 25), “Christmas with Friends” (2 December), “Christmas Snowflakes” (December 9), “The Shoemaker and the Dwarves” (December 16). One of the most exciting events of the Veliko Tarnovo Holiday season will be the magic matinee for children and parents “Christmas wonders with Astor and Angel Zaberski brass band”. The show will be in December,10th in the big hall of the Veliko Turnovo Theater. On Saturday 9th and 16th of December, in the municipality’s hall, the children will be able to make Christmas souvenirs, toys and the traditional sourvakinitsi. Continue Reading