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With 3 million, Veliko Tarnovo, Elena and Lyaskovets create Staroplaninski hub and transform Xilifor

Veliko Tarnovo news – recreational areas for sustainable tourism and green spaces

Veliko Tarnovo news

“Trapezitsa – 1902” company developed a comprehensive concept for the creation of a Staroplaninsky hub. It’s recreational areas for sustainable tourism and green spaces for cultural and social innovations, the investment being worth BGN 2,879,000.
In partnership, the company will implement six projects.The “Regional Development,” “Human Resources Development,” and “Education” programs will finance these plans. The territorial coverage includes the municipalities of Veliko Tarnovo, Elena and Lyaskovets.

What is “Staroplaninsky hub”

The green hub for sustainable tourism in the Staroplanina region includes the creation of a network of eco-trails and cultural spaces. It must solve a serious problem related to the lack of quality tourist infrastructure for entertainment and family tourism in nature. This flagship activity includes five sites. They are the eco-trail from the Bukovets hut to the Chumerna hut, the eco-trail in the town of Lesoparka, the tourist eco-trail in the town of Xilifor to Arbanasi, the scene of the talents and Momina Cheshma in Xilifor, and the outdoor stage next to the hut “Bukovets”.

Veliko Tarnovo news

We plan to clear and mark the hiking trails. And also production and placement of information boards with a tourist map of the area and the objects. As well as those with an educational purpose for the plant and animal species and for the natural attractions.We will install gazebos with benches, wooden railings, waste bins, shelters with benches, and an active recreation area with sports equipment for adults. An ambitious deadline of 1 year has been set for completing all this.

They are transforming the Xilifor location

The largest amount of funds for various activities will be invested in the Xilifor area. It becomes a space for cultural and social innovation. In a green hub for sustainable tourism, we will set aside public areas for recreation and build sports infrastructure for use.The measures of the concept envisage the construction of a sports field “Live to the fullest” for basketball, volleyball, tennis and beach volleyball. Reconstruction and rehabilitation of the “Lake” Aqua Zone. We will carry out the ropeway to make it a green tourist attraction. The funds are in the amount of BGN 520,000.

Investments of BGN 779,000 will be invested in the reconstruction, modernization and equipment of the “House of Art, Culture and Crafts”.
A green art and creative area will be formed as an open cultural space for holding plein airs. Also an area for presenting art in a natural environment by building a sculpture yard.

The “House”

In the “House”, which becomes a cultural center, there will be suitable halls for presentations, trainings and an exhibition area.
The site will also have three demonstration halls for practicing crafts as a tourist attraction for children and students, as well as for family tourism. An equipped lecture hall for seminars with a capacity of 25 people. There will be also rooms for modeling, ceramics, sculpture, stained glass, work studios and holding creative classes and workshops are planned.

Veliko Tarnovo news

“Education” program

Rooms for modeling, ceramics, sculpture, stained glass, work studios, and holding creative classes and workshops will be available. The cultural infrastructure in the “House of Art, Culture and Crafts” will be provided for various social services. And also will be available for disadvantaged people. For labor integration of persons with permanent disabilities, young people who have left social institutions and without professional experience. For single parents who have difficulties in accessing the labor market.

The elderly who require support to live an active life will have our focused attention to enable them to age healthily. In the Xilifor locality, they will be included in walking tours. There will be talks and motivational training for the purpose of health prevention. The project also provides psychosocial support to overcome the social isolation of the elderly.

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