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New hopes for the Veliko Tarnovo – Arbanasi Cable Car


Something like this maybe?

Veliko Tarnovo hopes to receive euro funding of 4 million levs for the realization of the aerial lift project that is to connect Veliko Tarnovo and Arbanasi. The cable car idea has been around for the last 10 years but was never implemented because of lack of money.

In the new programme period Veliko Tarnovo administration will apply for funding under operational programs, which now allow for funding for this kind of attractions.

The National Institute for Immovable Cultural Heritage, whose assessment is one of the most important steps to start construction, has already given approval for the future line.

The aerial tram will accommodate up to 40 people. It will start at the foothill of Tsarevets Fortress (from the side of the Baldwin’s Tower) and the 2-kilometre route will end at the entrance of Arbanasi. Parking lots at both sides will provide more than 100 parking spaces.

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