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things to do in veliko tarnovo
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From Palm Sunday to Easter, a rich holiday program has been prepared for the residents and guests of Veliko Tarnovo

Things to do in Veliko Tarnovo: A Rich Programme for the brightest and most beloved spring holidays

Things to do in Veliko Tarnovo

On Lazarov Day, April 27, Saturday, little lazarky from the folklore formations of the Municipal Children’s Complex will demonstrate the custom of Lazaruvane from 10 a.m. at the Samovodska charshia. The celebration continues on the Vladish bridge. From there, the little girls will throw their flower wreaths into the Yantra River, calling for health and love.

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festivals Veliko Tarnovo
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Traditions of Sirni zagovezni come to life in Elena – festivals Veliko Tarnovo region

Spring is across the corner and more festivals Veliko Tarnovo region are approaching

The Municipality of Elena organizes a holiday on March 17, Sirni zagovezni. On this day asking for forgiveness, masking, and lighting fires will come alive in Elena. We will fill the tables with pies, cheese, eggs, halva, yogurt, baked apples, and traditional breads. And because this is happening on the eve of the longest and strictest fast, Easter. There will be songs and dances from young and old.

After the amazing pies for St. Charalampius. Which residents and guests of Elena will enjoy not only as spectators, but also as tasters. This time, contestants will prepare the most masterful cheese pies for the competition. The aim of the organizers is mainly for children and young people to touch Bulgarian traditions. And to understand the meaning of forgiveness, respect for the elderly, the purifying power of fire, the importance of Christian fasting.

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festival Veliko Tarnovo
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The National Assembly of Sheep Breeders near Lyaskovets with new dates this year – festival Veliko Tarnovo

The biggest farm exhibition in our country

For the 12th consecutive year, the national assembly of sheep breeders will be held near Lyaskovets. Although traditionally the forum is always organised in the days around St. George’s Day,. This time, the event will fill the meadows around the Peter and Paul Monastery in the period of May 24-26.

festival Veliko Tarnovo

Visitors will have the opportunity to view over 1,000 purebred animals – sheep, goats, llamas, dogs, horses and donkeys. There will be also an exhibition of agricultural machinery, equipment, fodder, specialized literature and medicines for animal husbandry.

The large-scale forum will pass with its emblematic farming competitions and demonstrations. As well as an area for direct sales of sheep and goat milk and meat products, an organic market and organic food.

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Suhindol, the City of Wine is getting ready for February 14 – entertainment Veliko Tarnovo region

Desi Dobreva comes to the “Zarezan party” in Suhindol

Once again, a rich festive program is being prepared in Suhindol for February 14. And the accompanying events start before the 14th.

entertainment Veliko Tarnovo

To make everyone happy in Suhindol, they will have a competition to roll a 225-liter keg. Those interested can join in the central square on February 11 at 12.00.

Scheduled for February 12 at 7 p.m., the Suhindol Municipal Council will hold a solemn meeting. On the same day, from 18.00, Vladi Vargala will present his author’s performance “Memoirs of one Vargal”.

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veliko tarnovo festival
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A new festival will pay tribute to the Gornooryahovski pot – Veliko Tarnovo festivals

One more festival to the rich list of culinary holidays in Gorna Oryahovitsa – Gornooryahovski pot festival.

This Veliko Tarnovo festival will happen in November. Within two days there will be a very rich program with visiting culinary stars, various entertainment. Also there will be a culinary challenges for parents and children, and tastings of the famous Gornooryahovski meals.

This is not only a culinary event, we want it to have an educational effect as well. During these two days, the children will learn something more about the history of the city. About the traditions on which our today’s culture is based, explains Petya Ivanova. Her idea is to add this festival to the cultural program of the Municipality.

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