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veliko tarnovo festival
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A new festival will pay tribute to the Gornooryahovski pot – Veliko Tarnovo festivals

One more festival to the rich list of culinary holidays in Gorna Oryahovitsa – Gornooryahovski pot festival.

This Veliko Tarnovo festival will happen in November. Within two days there will be a very rich program with visiting culinary stars, various entertainment. Also there will be a culinary challenges for parents and children, and tastings of the famous Gornooryahovski meals.

This is not only a culinary event, we want it to have an educational effect as well. During these two days, the children will learn something more about the history of the city. About the traditions on which our today’s culture is based, explains Petya Ivanova. Her idea is to add this festival to the cultural program of the Municipality.

What is Gornooryahovski pot dish

The pot is also an emblem of Gorna Oryahovitsa, as is the sujuk, so it is completely worth such a celebration. And precisely in November is its time – not only because Gornoryahovski pot is a winter dish. But also to respect the butchers who invented it, says one of the great masters of Gornoryahov pot, Hristo Dimov. With his version of the infamous pot, he won first place in a competition in Hungary between all the sister cities of Szigetszentmiklos.

A lot of people order this craftsman’s pots for their holidays. Otherwise, he regularly made pots for the official guests in the first editions of the Sujuka Festival – Veliko Tarnovo festival and had to make up to eight pots at once.

On Archangel’s Day, they gathered the herds and drove them to the slaughterhouse. It is the celebration of butchers and other crafts related to sausage making. And the famous Gornoryahovski pot is the dish of the kolache. The good meat was sold, and they kept the veins for themselves. They put them in clay vessels with wine and tossed them in the bread ovens for 8-9 hours. This is how the Gornooryakhov pot was born, says Lucheto.

Over time, the dish was enriched and new ingredients and spices were added. It gained great fame in the 1930s, when it turned out that its admirer was Tsar Boris III. In 1935 or 1936, the king passed through Gorna Oryahovitsa and was greeted with an Gornooryahovski pot made by Ivan Ainadzhiev. He liked it so much that he later invited the master to cook a pot in the palace as well. And when his driver Tsutsumanov, who was from Lyaskovets, came to visit his relatives, he always left for Sofia with at least one Gornooryahovski pot in the car.

The secret of preparing this meal

Ivan Ainadzhiev’s recipe is one of the two classics for the Gornooryahovski pot. The main thing for the craftsman is that he fills the products with wine and water in equal proportions and that he puts eggplants that he dries in the summer for the winter. Otherwise, the ingredients are veins, large potatoes, carrots, a lot of garlic, small onions or baluchki, a head of celery and separately the leaves, a head of parsnip, grated tomatoes. The spices are black and red pepper, bay leaf, two or three allspice grains, nutmeg and salt to taste. Everything is put together in a clay casserole, covering the lid with dough. It is baked for 10-12 hours on a slow fire.

veliko tarnovo festival

The other classic recipe belongs to the company “Evaporated Storm”, which unites all connoisseurs of cooking and home drinks. So they imposed their interpretation of the Gornooryahovski pot in the middle of the century. In their version, the products are almost the same, but without eggplants. Often, in addition to tendons, they also add beef tail. If the veins are lean, add cow butter, not oil. And finally they pour only wine without any water. Again, it is baked for a long time, the longer it is, the tastier.

veliko tarnovo festival

Luchetto’s pot combines the two recipes. He pours his only with wine, but adds eggplant. It is important that there is fat, not dry veins and meat. It is eaten warm and served generously with horseradish. And it should not be overdone, because it is heavy and carries a lot of wine, advises Hristo Dimov – Lucheto.

More Veliko Tarnovo festival and events you can find at our blog site.

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