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Eco project "My garden"
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The eco-project of Veliko Tarnovo “My Garden” with its tenth anniversary edition

The Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo has announced the tenth anniversary edition of the eco-project “My Garden”. This year the residents of the Old Capital will be able again to transform the spaces around the residential buildings into beautiful corners with greenery and flowers. The planting material will be provided for free.

Applications for afforestation of municipal property will be accepted until the end of February. All property owners in the old capital city can take part, including representatives of the condominiums, selected according to the established normative requirements.

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Beautiful stained glass installations in Sveta Gora Park in Veliko Tarnovo
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Beautiful stained glass installations in Sveta Gora Park in Veliko Tarnovo

Beautiful stained glass installations are now adorning Sveta Gora Park in Veliko Tarnovo. They were made by students and lecturers from the Faculty of Fine Arts at the St. Cyril and St. Methodius University of Veliko Tarnovo. The realization is part of the project “Ecoartlogy”, representing the creation of works of monumental art in synthesis with the natural environment.

stained glass installation at Sveta Gora Park Veliko Tarnovo
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Containers for old furniture in Veliko Tarnovo
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Containers for old furniture will be placed in neighbourhoods of Veliko Tarnovo / Поставят контейнери за стари мебели в кварталите на Велико Търново

Containers for old furniture and other wood waste will be placed in some neighbourhoods of Veliko Tarnovo. The initiative is by the municipality and the company “Kronospan” and is made for the convenience of the inhabitants of the Old Capital. The first of the new type of containers will be located in the Buzludja district, and others will follow in some of the bigger neighbourhoods of the city. For next year the municipality plans to put containers for old furniture in every neighbourhood of Veliko Tarnovo.

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kitchen in traditional Bulgarian home
Design and furnishing

Furniture in Bulgarian home with traditions

Today I will talk, about few elements of furniture in traditional Bulgarian home. Basically, will pay attention to the kitchen.

How to furniture the kitchen in the spirit of traditional Bulgarian home? There are so many traditional houses in Veliko Tarnovo and surrounding villages. You may choose one and start creating.

In case, you decide to make this great experiment and furniture your new home in old Bulgarian style, I will give you some advice. Let us feel the spirit of old Bulgarian people and especially of the gorgeous Bulgarian housewife. Continue Reading

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The most beautiful block of flats in Veliko Tarnovo yet?

A block of flats distinctly different and boasting fresh architecture compared to the dull buildings style from the socialist era is soon to be erected in Veliko Tarnovo. The new building will be in sharp contrast with the “sterile environment” in the area imposed by the uniform development of the past and the prevailing grey facades. The residential building is going to be the most beautiful newly build edifice in the town one done. Hopes are high that with the completion of the building a new trend will set in – such of a modern architecture that impresses residents and visitors. The complex is located at the bottom of Marno Pole Park, near the Summer Theatre. The block of flats is also expected to make it to the Building of the Year Contest as it has been 2 years since the town last had a participant in it. Experts say that this type of construction should be imposed in the central part of the city where houses and blocks and not listed building and owners do not have to comply with the old-times authentic style and ask authorities for permission as for altering or demolishing such buildings. The future complex will be quite functional and landscaped; it will also have its own parking.