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kitchen in traditional Bulgarian home
Design and furnishing

Furniture in Bulgarian home with traditions

Today I will talk, about few elements of furniture in traditional Bulgarian home. Basically, will pay attention to the kitchen.

How to furniture the kitchen in the spirit of traditional Bulgarian home? There are so many traditional houses in Veliko Tarnovo and surrounding villages. You may choose one and start creating.

In case, you decide to make this great experiment and furniture your new home in old Bulgarian style, I will give you some advice. Let us feel the spirit of old Bulgarian people and especially of the gorgeous Bulgarian housewife.

The walls are painted in white colour.

Simple, natural and close to the ground. This is a simple way, to follow the spirit of old times in traditional Bulgarian home. The cosines and pure beauty of the typical kitchen.


white walls in traditional bulgarian home


Wooden beams on the ceiling.

Another specific thing in the kitchen of traditional Bulgarian home. This warm detail of the furniture will directly bring your home in other ages and in the same time is very modern.


furniture in traditional Bulgarian home-wooden beams at ceiling


Traditional Bulgarian hearth (fireplace)

Place, where the housewives have cooked delicious meals in the traditional Bulgarian home. The place, where the home bread has been made.



Small, round wooden table called “sofra” with small wooden chairs with 3 legs. Place, where all family used, to gather for dinner in traditional Bulgarian home.


furniture in traditional Bulgarian home-small, round table

Rugs on the wooden floor-  They bring joy and give the soft spirit of the kitchen. Another great element in furniture of traditional Bulgarian home.


furniture in traditional Bulgarian home-rugs

 Pelargonium or geranium in the wooden frame of the window:  

Another beautiful detail in traditional Bulgarian house.





I will be back soon with more information, how to furnish rest of the house.

Do not hesitate, to contact the team of “Yantra homes” for more information!


Wish you lovely day and many smiles!

Tatyana Slavova                                                                                                                                                                                       Images: Internet



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