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Colourful kitchen – ventured to experiment with colours Part Three

Yellow literally warms the soul and is suitable for any room.

Eine wunderschöne Küche

In recent years, the colours take over the kitchen area with full force. Yellow and its shades are so soothing that you will not want to leave the room, which is determined in this sunny colour. Its wonderful combination of wood tones, orange, blue and green detail makes it an ideal solution for your kitchen. So yellow is the perfect solution for you if you love fresh and energetic colours.


Kitchen in yellow looks beautiful and very spacious in most cases. This does not mean that the entire kitchen should be in yellow, you can always add other colours and shades and it will be even more beautiful. By adding different colour techniques to the standard light scheme can achieve really good results.

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There are many colours that fit incredibly well with yellow, such as white, orange, green and even blue. Walls, floors, cabinets, counter tops and kitchen appliances can be in colours that blend in with the yellow background of the kitchen, turn it into a colourful fantasy.


Yellow combines perfectly with white. Properly combined, these two colours can create a very fresh interior that brings a lot of positive emotional charge.


When the kitchen is bigger it is not only a place to cook and eat, but also a place where we spend a lot of time dealing with a variety of other things such as smoking, talking on the phone or chatting with guests.  Therefore, it is important to decorate so that whenever you log in, you are nice and cozy


Nowadays, the kitchen is often part of the living room. Although in such cases does not occupy much of the room, a simple and stylish furniture will grace the room.


However, if your kitchen is a separate room, you can unleash your imagination and to furnish it and “colour” it to your liking, because there is no need to comply with the colours in the rest of the home.


If only refreshing, it does not necessarily mean buying new furniture – enough to repaint the cabinets and put new handles on the drawers and the situation will be completely different. To create an interesting contrast in kitchen decor, you can paint the kitchen cabinets in two similar shades such as yellow and orange. With one colour paint the exterior of the cabinets and the other – the visible internal parts. Consider other details in the kitchen with this colour combination and balance with neutral tones.


If you’re afraid to experiment with colour, you can add some colourful details on the walls of the kitchen. Some beautiful paintings in bright colours are enough to brighten the dullest and monochromatic kitchen.


Kitchen back or in other words lining behind the sink is a great background for kitchen cabinets. So the colour or colours that you choose from there, add a pinch of interest in interiors, especially if the nuances are selected with taste. If you do not replace everything, good and inexpensive option for this part of the kitchen with vinyl – the market offers numerous options in a variety of colours and patterns.

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Unusual colours are exactly what will distinguish your kitchen than any other, will show your personal style and character – whether it will spread to larger areas, or use them only as accents in certain places.


To be continued…

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