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Fifty shades of red or how to create a unique bedroom

The modern bedroom – a room for pleasure and passion.


If you live on the planet Earth there is no way not to nave heard of the hit movie “Fifty Shades of Grey.” You may ask, but where is the red? Here comes the catch, those of you who have seen the movie will know about the red room, but if you’re one of the few who do not know what this is all about, then in the following lines you will learn something new and interesting.

The bedroom is the room where you certainly spend at least a third of your life. Then why not make it a place not only for sleep but for fun?


How to do this? Easy, just bring a little (or a lot) colour and passion. What is more passionate than red. Forget clean, pale, pastel and earth tones, act boldly and unleash your imagination. The bedroom is an intimate place that you do not show your guests, so their opinion shouldn’t bother you. But if you apply some ideas from here, you will be so proud of your new bedroom that you will want to show it to all your friends.

Red-Painting-for-Romantic-Bedroomromantic bedroom decorating ideas

The more saturated the colour is the stronger the feeling that it creates in you. Why to stop with only one shade? Experiment, mix different shades, fabrics, textures.

Why not have one wall with velvet wallpaper and others are painted. Or you could try imitating leather upholstery wallpaper patterns or “Versailles”. Nowadays, there are so many opportunities that only your imagination can limit you.

Texture-of-Red-Leather-Vintage-Sofa-620x395Wallpaper Red

The furniture can be modern lacquer red and black, or solid wood furniture in mahogany, bringing a sense of grandeur. Leather beds are also very modern. Why not canopy, do any woman not dreamed as a child of just such a bed, like a fairy tale. When if not now to complete your childhood dream.

images (1)fantastic-classy-romantic-bedroom-in-red-color-choices-fantastic-for-inspiring-ideas-bedroomf720eb66ef6b42a9f2f982b15e7c0e4f

Bed linen can be as satin and silk, naturally deep, blood red. Still talking about passion, right? And you can include a black colour, a few decorative pillows that will allow completion of the overall vision.


The curtains must be thick, heavy velvet, floor to ceiling, burgundy and from the royal court.


The floor in the bedroom should imply convenience and the opportunity to enjoy it with his bare feet, so a thick, fluffy carpet “Shaggy” is the ideal solution for this room. And under the carpet a black laminate or solid wood flooring will bring an extra sense of luxury.


Every small detail will bring more finished look of the room. Several candelabra for more romance, more massive chandelier class, beautiful paintings on the walls and several ornate picture frames wrought iron will definitely bring class and style to your bedroom.


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