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New Cancer treatment centre will open in August

onkologia 13.07.The old radiotherapeutic oncology unit in Veliko Tarnovo has had a makeover and has already had installed state of the art equipment to treat cancers with a higher success rate.  The equipment ensures a 50 to 100% success rate.

The contract for the transformation was agreed in March 2012 and will be completed August this year (2015), where there will be a ‘cutting the ribbon’ ceremony to open the renovated healthcare facility.

The new equipment boasts the latest generation linear accelerator, CT scanner, as well as equipment that helps the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

“This type of equipment has a higher precision of radiation and preservation of surrounding organs outside the volume of irradiation,”

cancersaid Alexander Mitchev representative of “Siemens” for Bulgaria. He explained that the accelerator has a new generation of X-ray tube, which allows a larger number of patients to be examined. The devices are lower energy consumption and identical machines are installed in university hospitals in the US meeting global standards. The only other facility of this kind in Bulgaria is in Burgas, where they have a device for brachytherapy, which is used to treat cancers in the cavities – uterine cancer, neck, prostate

New patient admission will commence August 15th.

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