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retailer under construction Veliko Tarnovo
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Second National hardware retailer has massive new store under construction in Veliko Tarnovo

A huge new investment in Veliko Tarnovo  – a construction and home improvement supplies hypermarket is opening doors soon! Praktis retailer under construction Veliko Tarnovo is to be among the main competitors of another quickly developing chain in the ancient capital- the big, famous Praktiker store.

The project is estimated to cost about 10 million levs, it is said to provide about 100 new job positions , and it will undoubtedly boost the local economy.” Praktis” is not new to Veliko Tarnovo’s residents- the nationally recognized chain (the company operates 7 stores across the country) started here with a relatively small retail store a couple of years ago and due to its high standards of service and the top-quality products it offers, it managed to assert itself as one of the leaders in that niche of the local market.

The plan is the new Prakrtis retailer under construction Veliko Tarnovo will welcome its first clients by the end of the year so massive work is going on now on site. There are deadlines to be met, the teams are working 24\7 and the promise is everything will be finished on schedule.Praktis opening

The large Praktis store is being built close to the town’s shopping mall- a convenient location with easy access and plenty of parking space both for the clients and the staff. And another plus-the traffic in the area is being reorganized, new rules and regulations are going to be be introduced , so everything is done with thought and care of the clients’ comfort and entire satisfaction.

According to the investors the hypermarket will offer over 50,000 home improvement products tailored to the tastes and requirements of each and every client. The concept is to have everything “under one roof” and  Praktis will cater for all their clients’ needs-from construction products, tools, home interior, gardening and landscaping to professional building and maintenance services.

The new Veliko Tarnovo’s  Praktis store will average 6,ooo sq.m., including outdoor garden center, a huge parking suitable for about 100 vehicles and easy and convenient road connection.

Praktis store

The investment looks quite promising- the company has built a reputation of creating a nice working environment for its employees and with its strong focus on delivering the best possible products and services to their customers, it will certainly have a positive impact on the needs of the community in Veliko Tanovo.

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