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Winter fairy tale in Elena

snowy Elena Balkans

snowy Elena Balkans

Over 1,200 people are expected to stay in hotels and guest houses in Elena for the upcoming holidays.

All accommodations – hotels, guest houses – are completely booked for Christmas and New Year.  Elena Balkans are a preferred winter destination from locals and internationals alike.

Some of the guest houses serve the best Bulgarian food you can taste and have prepared authentic Christmas programme for visitors – traditional food, Bulgarian Christmas carol singers and much more.

Elena offers some of the most magnificent snowy landscapes you can observe.

Additionally, the Christmas Bazaar of Elena offers delicious Bulgarian cheese and meats, yoghurt, as well as Elena’s take on the traditional Bulgarian fiery spirit – rakia.

Traditionally, the New Year will be welcomed in the town centre with celebrations and fireworks at midnight.

If you’d like to treat yourself to winter fairy tale in the Balkans, have look at some of our Bulgarian houses and  character properties. Have a look through some of our Elena Properties.

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