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Frontex with a map of travel restrictions in Europe.

Frontex published a map of the travel restrictions in Europe.

The European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex) has published a map of the current restrictions and travel opportunities in Europe introduced to help reduce the coronavirus infection. The map makes it possible to trace the temporary restrictions all throughout Europe.

On May 15, the European Commission’s recommendation for non-compulsory travel for European citizens expired. So, after that date, everyone who is about to travel can get information about the measures in force in the different countries from the map. For example, whether the period of state of emergency continues, whether the trip is allowed and by what type of transport, as well as a number of other clarifications.

The map is available here and is updated in view of the development of the situation.

As for the development of the coronavirus in Bulgaria – there are a total of 2292 cases of coronavirus infected people in the country and 33 of them have been identified in the last 24 hours. This was stated at the regular morning briefing by the Secretary of the National Operational Headquarters. Of them, 21 people were hospitalized for treatment. A total of 285 people are hospitalized, 33 of whom are in intensive care.

According to the data of the laboratories, as of 9 pm yesterday, 1432 samples were tested, and the total number of tests so far since the beginning of the epidemic in Bulgaria is 68 243, or 9 749 per million population. Four people have died in that past 24 hours making the total number of deaths 116. Another 38 people were cured of the coronavirus making the total number of recovered 646.

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