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Exhibition celebrating 115 years of BTA visiting Veliko Tarnovo

1392045_225779207588201_98727520_nUnpublished and never before shown photos from the archives of the Bulgarian Telegraph Agency (BTA) reveal what has been exciting Bulgaria through three centuries .

The travelling exhibition called “Nezalichimo”(Indelible) will be displayed in Rafael Mihailova Art Halls in Veliko Tarnovo from November 1.

The exhibition, curated by Ivo Hadjimishev, will show glimpses of events from the past 115 years, covered by Bulgarian journalists from several generations and periods. The 45 boards exhibit historic moments from the Bulgarian Liberation and the First Constitution, through Principality and Third Bulgarian Kingdom years, 1920s Balkan War Years, rebellions and resistance, the People’s Republic and the Bulgarian Socialist Period, the democratic changes, membership in NATO and the EU, as well as recent events.

The exhibition shows Bulgarian life and how it is perceived, and written about, how the media were/are reporting the pulse of the day. 115 years of social, cultural, media life of Bulgaria come to life. It is worth to be seen if you have recently moved to Bulgaria and/or want to learn more about the country.

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