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Cultural tourism in Veliko Tarnovo marks a serious uprise

The ancient capital boasts the highest tourism growth rate in the country. The tourism in Veliko Tarnovo exceeds the tourist growth in the big cities and the seaside resorts. According to the information given by the Bulgarian Tour Operators Association, the growth registered is over 31%  which is definitely quite promising statistics.

The data was officially announced at a conference of the business and the local administration which is held in Lovech and gathers representatives of over 20 municipalities as well as a huge number of companies.

As stated in ABTTA’s  (The Association of the Bulgarian tour operators and tourist agents) analysis there was a massive increase in the cultural tourism sector for the period April-August, 2017. The tendency was so strong that even surpassed the growth in the sea resorts. On a national level, Veliko Tarnovo holds the prime position (31%), followed by Sofia (21,4%) and Plovdiv (19,2 %).

Asenevtsi monument and the Art Gallery Veliko Tarnovo tourism - Trapezitsa Hill Veliko Tarnovo tourism - Gurko Street


What is more, another interesting trend is being observed: as reported by The Tourist Information Center in Veliko Tarnovo, there has been a substantial rise in the number of tourists visiting the town’s museums. The statistics are: more than 12% growth compared to the same period of the previous 2016.

As opposed to the stats above, ABTTA’s research is done on a larger scale and encompasses both the museums’ visitors and the guests of  Veliko Tarnovo in general.

The key factors behind the tourist growth in Veliko Tarnovo are the new tourist attractions (the reconstructed Trapezitsa hill, the Miniatures Park “Tarnovgrad- the spirit of centuries-old Bulgaria”), the well-preserved historical and cultural sights, the varied portfolio of happenings-plenty of festivals, concerts, exhibitions, plein air events, etc.The Miniatures park "Tarnovgrad- the spirit of centuries-old Bulgaria"

Given the figures, one cannot but admit the contribution of the Mayor, the local authorities and the Tourist Information Center for the rapid growth of the tourism in Veliko Tarnovo. Their innovative program for development has proved efficient and made Veliko Tarnovo a preferred tourist destination.




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  • Reply Ted November 3, 2017 at 6:10 pm

    It would grow even more if people could fly into Gorna airport instead of having to face a three hour coach ride over pot-holed roads

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