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Coronavirus numbers and changes in measures in Bulgaria

Coronavirus numbers and changes in measures in Bulgaria

51 new COVID-19 cases in the last 24 hours were reported by the National Operations Headquarters this morning. Thus the total number of infected in Bulgaria is 966. The increase from the previous day is 5.6%. The number of infected people in Sofia is 556. The active cases in the country are 751. In hospital care are 268 people with 34 of them in intensive care units. 170 patients (17.6%) were treated and recovered. The total number of medical personnel with proven COVID-19 in our country is 80 people.

On an emergency briefing today the Prime Minister of Bulgaria said that as of yesterday and today 5 measures from the state of emergency have been eased. He explained that the markets were reopened and women’s consultations and scheduled examinations as well as vaccinations will start again on Tuesday, the fixed hours for entering and leaving Sofia were removed as well.

Coronavirus in Bulgaria closes parks

Starting today, April 21, citizens who leave or return from work with a private car will be able to enter and leave Sofia at any time with a declaration. The declaration must indicate both the workplace and the telephone number of the employer, the Health Minister ordered.

The Prime Minister also mentioned that if the data at the end of the week does not show a huge increase in the numbers of newly infected people the ban for parks could be considered for revision.

We urge our readers to stay home if possible and to observe strict personal hygiene.

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