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Facelift for Famous Veliko Tarnovo Hill

The site of Boruna with the Art Museum and the Asenevtsi Monument

Boruna, the area around the Asenevtsi Monument and the “Boris Denev” Art Museum, is to become the new Veliko Tarnovo tourist hotspot. This is part of the multinational development project titled “Cultural Heritage as Focal Point of Sustainable Tourism”, where Veliko Tarnovo partners with Greece, Romania, Germany, Austria and Italy. The fourth expert meeting was held in the Italian town of Bari.

The whole project will cost 2.5 million Euro under the Transnational Cooperation Programme for South Eastern Europe. From this budget, Veliko Tarnovo is to receive € 235 262.

Experts from Berlin Technical University and Vienna University of Urban Development have visited Veliko Tarnovo this summer to analyse the site of Boruna. They found holes under the rocks; there is a car tunnel and a rail road tunnel passing under the site and the slope of the rock isn’t very stable.

The 30,000-sqm site is to be further examined by geology and geodesy experts and a technical audit of the Stambolov Bridge is due, in order to estimate the funds that are going to be spent for the development of the site.

There is also going to be an environmental assessment of the area, as well as energy efficiency assessment of the “Boris Denev” Art Museum. These are to estimate the renovation costs of the building.

All expert studies should be ready by the end of May, 2013.

The aim is to have a development concept for the site by the end of 2013, in order to increase its attractiveness.

Partners in the project are unanimous that Boruna is going to be the new tourist and social hub of Veliko Tarnovo, where exhibitions, art installations, outdoor concerts and even fashion shows are to be held.

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