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COVID-19 update and Veliko Tarnovo Municipality to help local business

See the newest coronavirus numbers and stats and how the Veliko Tarnovo Municipality plans to support the local businesses.

Lessees of municipal properties whose sites are closed due to the state of emergency will not pay rent while the emergency state is still active. The proposal to support the local business in these difficult times was submitted by the mayor of Veliko Tarnovo and is submitted to the municipal council for a vote. Due to this mitigation measure the treasury of the municipality will be deprived of more than 100 000 leva a month.

No tourists in the samovodska charshia in Veliko Tarnovo

Most harmed by the crisis are tenants of municipal sites in schools, craftsmen in the Samovodska Charshia, sports clubs, as well as those paying for sidewalk rights. The reservations for the audio-visual spectacle “Sound and Light” have been completely canceled and group visits have stopped as well. Overall, all cultural events in Veliko Tarnovo are frozen until October this year, no festival events are announced, nor group visits.

For the last 24 hours there are 49 new cases of COVID-19 and of them 21 people were hospitalized. Thus, the total number of infected with the coronavirus in Bulgaria is 1015. The increase from the previous day is 5.1%. 795 are the active cases in the country. Pleven has 17 new cases, Sofia has 16, Vidin has 4, Burgas – 3, Kyustendil – 3 , Sliven – 3, Haskovo – 1, Blagoevgrad – 1, Pazardzhik – 1. Four people have been cured which makes the total number of recovered patients 174. The total number of deaths is 47 and 281 people have been hospitalized with 40 of them in intensive care.

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