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Construction of the northen bypass road
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Construction of the Northern Bypass Road

The Municipality of Gorna Oryahovitsa has started preparations for the construction of the Northern Bypass Road. It will connect Gorna Oryahovitsa and the Eastern Industrial Zone with the routes of Hemus Motorway and Ruse-Veliko Tarnovo Motorway. The first stage of the work is the design and preparation of a plot plan. A public procurement with two separate positions has been launched.

The first position is to prepare a plan that serves to regulate ownership and prove the need for nationalization of the land needed to build the site.

The second one is for a conceptual design for new sections of the Northern Bypass Road.

The total value of the order is BGN 47,916 without VAT. The funds are provided from the municipal budget. This is the first preparatory step, after which funding from external sources will be sought.

According to preliminary estimates, the Northern bypass should have a gauge of D 10.5 with predominant freight traffic. Two lanes with an additional third are planned in some sections. The beginning of the route is at the road junction Chestovo.

There was a proposal for a new route that continues north of Pravda and is included in an existing municipal road that needs to be reconstructed. From there it continues to the village of Yantra, and this section should be expanded. South of Yantra and west of the municipal road, a new route is proposed to be included in the third-class road III 5503, which also needs to be widened. Then the bypass road joins the national road I-5 and on it reaches the road junction connecting it with the Hemus Motorway, which will cross the municipality of Gorna Oryahovitsa north of Polikraishte.

According to preliminary estimates, the entire route of the Northern Bypass is about 12 kilometers. One of its big advantages is that it will take the freight traffic from Parvomaytsi and Polikraishte.

The procedure under the Public Procurement Act for the initial design started at the beginning of the month, and the bids opened on November 30. So far, nine companies have submitted bids for a contractor at the initial stage of the design.

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