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Christmas gala concert
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Christmas Gala Concert in the Veliko Tarnovo Theatre on December 21st

The team of the Konstantin Kisimov Music and Drama Theatre in Veliko Tarnovo is organizing a special Christmas gala concert, called “Snow Flowers”, which will include masterpieces of world opera and operetta classics. The traditional Christmas gala concert will be held on December 21st at 7 pm in the large hall of the theatre.

The program includes some of the most famous Strauss overtures, waltzes, regiments, marches, verandas, as well as operas, operettas and duets by favorite classical authors; popular songs, canzonets and Christmas songs by Bulgarian and foreign authors. The performances of soloists, orchestra and the whole team of the Music and Drama Theater “Konstantin Kisimov” will take care for the Christmas spirit and the holiday mood in the audience.

The conductor is Georgi Patrikov, screenwriter and director – Stefan Metodiev, artist – Lydia Karkelanova, choirmaster – Yanitsa Parvanova, concertmaster – Milena Baynova. The hosts are Polina Petkova and Tsvetelin Ilchev.

The concert will be attended by soloists Miryana Kalushkova, Teodora Petrova, Mihail Mihailov, Ivo Yordanov, Tsvetomira Pencheva, Plamen Dolapchiev, Momchil Karaivanov, Tsvetelin Ilchev, Gergana Stoyanova, orchestra and choir of MDT “K. Kisimov ”, with the special participation of DVG“ Singing Bells ”at the Youth Home led by Vladimir Gabrov

The program includes works by J. Verdi, J. Puccini, S. Gounod, J. Strauss, L. Arditi, Fr. Lehar, I. Kalman, P. Hadjiev, M. Aladjem, B. Karadimchev, N. Arabadjiev, Kr. Gulmezov, popular songs and canzonettes, Christmas songs

Tickets at the box office of the theater – 0886755554; Tsarevgrad Tarnov Tourist Information Center;

To another festive concert Big Band – Veliko Tarnovo invites all citizens and guests of the town during the holidays

Under the title “That wind from the first meeting” will be this year’s holiday concert of the Big Band – Veliko Tarnovo. The musical event will be held on December 27 at 7 pm at the Konstantin Kisimov Theater as well. The concert is a gift from the Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo for all citizens and guests of the old capital. The focus of the New Year’s concert will be the music of Yosif Tsankov.

The conductor is Vladimir Boshnakov, soloists: Mikhail Yosifov – trumpet and Velislav Stoyanov – trombone.

Admission to the event is free with invitations that can be obtained from the box office of the theater. Visitors must have a green certificate.

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