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Bulgarian real estate prices with a slight drop

Bulgarian real estate

Bulgarian real estate

Economic forecasts for 2013 by leading Bulgarian real estate experts  do not indicate major trend changes in the property market this year.

Bulgarian property prices are expected to record a moderate decline until mid-2013 and then to plateau for the rest of 2013.

The demand in town property will be dominated by the Bulgarian buyers and will depend on the economic recovery, unemployment rates, household income and access to bank lending in the country.

In terms of vacation properties and holiday homes, Bulgaria will remain attractive for foreign home buyers from the UK, Russia, Greece, Turkey and Romania.

And while minimal changes are expected in residential properties, more significant changes are expected in the field of office/retail space and commercial properties.

Crucial factor in each market segment will continue to be the adequate pricing for the size and the state of the property, according to leading real estate agencies.

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