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Bulgarian band Outhentic with a concert "Folklore at a Crossroad" in Veliko Tarnovo
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Bulgarian band Outhentic with a concert “Folklore at a Crossroad” in Veliko Tarnovo

On 15th of November at 18:00 in Chitalishte “Iskra” in Veliko Tarnovo, the Bulgarian band Outhentic will combine authentic Bulgarian folklore with jazz, funk and groove, as well as Celtic, Irish and Finnish melodies.

Raina Vasileva (vocals, percussions) and Zhivko Vasilev (kaval, piano) have the ambition to bring together world music in one place on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of their first joint recording. Most of the songs that will be played at the concert were “born” during tours of the band around the world.

Though young as a band, Outhentic has extensive experience with international festivals – ethno festivals in Belgium and Sweden, as well as all over Europe, where they make and participate in Bulgarian music workshops and meet musicians from all over the world. That is where the young artists got acquainted with British guitarist Ian Stevenson. Later they worked together with him on original interpretations of Bulgarian folklore. During one of their World Music Festivals, Raina and Zhivko have taught Bulgarian folklore to singers from Kenya and India. That is how they realized that the mix between different styles in the world of music is the destination the band will take on in the album they are currently working on. Special guest musicians at the concert are the famous Bulgarian musicians Stoyan Yankulov-Stundji and Borislav Iliev. The concert is completely free.

The love for music and Bulgarian folklore is at the heart of the creation of the ethno/jazz/world ensemble Outhentic, which began their musical career at the end of 2012, and in 2015 recorded their first single album – YesToday. The album was presented in Sofia in 2016, as well as in Berlin and Warsaw. In the process of establishing their style, they collaborated with outstanding world-class musicians and bands such as: Grammy-nominated bassist Juan Garcia-Herreros, Stoyan Yankoulov, Ian Stephenson, Suchet Malhotra, Christiane Karam, Hector Martinion, Roberto Quintero, Banda Del Padre and many others. The release of the band’s new album is due in 2019. So if you are in a mood for some good music definitely check out Outhentic’s concert in the Chamber Hall of Chitalishte Iskra in Veliko Tarnovo.


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