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Roof repair postpones the opening of the Iskra cinema in Veliko Tarnovo
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Roof repair postpones the opening of the Iskra cinema in Veliko Tarnovo

The repair of the roof of the Iskra Chitalishte in Veliko Tarnovo will delay the opening of the new cinema in the centre of the city. The cinema was supposed to open in October, but unforeseen construction activities resulted in a change of the opening date. Now the cinema is expected to open between 15 and 20 January.

The roof structure, which has recently collapsed, is being completely replaced. The repairs inside the building are also being done at full speed; the plumbing and the electrical installation are being replaced as well. Investors are positive that the repairs will not change the interior architecture of the building and they will preserve its authenticity. It is also planned to restore the façade of the Chitalishte to restore its old splendour.

The project of the investors’ foresees a modern vision and four luxurious cinemas in the chitalishte building. One of the cinemas will have an impressive 12 m wide and 5 m high screen. The new cinema will have the highest quality picture and sound, betting on 4K technology. The investors wanted to preserve the essence of the cultural institution and that is why the name of the cinema contains the name of the Chitalishte -” Iskra “. Reconstruction began in the summer, and after they are done residents and guests of the city will once again watch cinema in Iskra, just like a quarter of a century ago. The ambitions of the management are that the Chitalishte will once again become a major cultural centre of the city. The library in the complex is being refreshed as well.

“Iskra” was founded more than 120 years ago by the teachers in the school at the church “St. Marina” – Georgi Nedyalkov, Maria Chukova and Emanuil Petrov. Veliko Tarnovo was the third city in Bulgaria after Rousse and Sofia, where people were already watching “live photography” in 1897. There were cinemas in the “Nadezhda”, “Iskra” and “Modern Theatre” chitalishta, and later the complex “Poltava” was built.


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