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"Bela kasa" - a boutique building with an "eternal" roof to be built in Veliko Tarnovo
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“Bela kasa” – a boutique building with an “eternal” roof to be built in Veliko Tarnovo

The first boutique building, which lays completely different standards when it comes to construction to be built in Veliko Tarnovo. “Bela kasa” is the only building in Central Northern Bulgaria to have a titanium-zinc roof. Stylish plates, which are an absolute hit in the United States, and also practically eternal – as time passes by instead of corrosion they form a special film that makes them even more resilient.

An investor in the new building is the Planex Infrastructure Company. “Bela kasa” is 6-storeys and is being made at “Ilyo Voivoda” Street in the broad centre of Veliko Tarnovo. It is located on a plot of 686 square meters and 15 spacious panoramic suites with an area of 80 to 196 square meters have been designed for the building. Apart from the quality of the materials, the complex differs from the rest by the assets that will be available to its inhabitants.

The first thing investors have thought about is the parking space. The building has a spacious underground parking for the residents and their guests. The building has a porter’s room for strollers and bicycles and underground storage, which also has garages and storage rooms. On the ground are also parking places for the convenience of the residents. The apartments have armoured entrance doors and the UPVC windows were made by an elite manufacturer with a seven-chamber profile, coloured, with triple glazing.

The investor takes pride in the uniqueness and luxury of the building. The Titan-zinc roof with a 50-year warranty is the first of its kind in Veliko Tarnovo.  The decorative façade lining, suspended terraces, luxury common areas, garages and warehouses, combined with the best colour and design solutions definitely make the building unique and one of a kind. , Thanks to the boutique building Planex Infrastructure are hoping to impose a new standard in local construction.

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