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A site for survival in nature is being made in Balvan near Veliko Tarnovo
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A site for survival in nature is being made in Balvan near Veliko Tarnovo

A site for survival in nature in Balvan near Veliko Tarnovo is being made. The idea is by the donation association “St. Ivan Rilski “, and the project is being developed with the help of  “Vasil Levski” University.

The chairwoman of the association, Blagovesta Fakirova, said that in the centre of Balvan, where there was a park area, there are already two playgrounds for road and fire safety, which were recently opened. Next to them will be the third one which is intended for nature survival. Children show great interest in survival skills like how to build a tent in the woods, how to make a fireplace and fire, how to work with a compass, and how to keep nature safe from fires. That’s why we decided to make a third playground, where we can practically train the students from all 20 youth centers “Open eyes!” in the municipality of Veliko Tarnovo, pointed out Fakirova.

Fakirova also commented that a project for landscaping, construction of a gazebo, a playground with fitness equipment in the park area of the square, is being implemented in Balvan. This green upgraded territory will now be called the “Geranite,” because there have been wells in the past there. And because of their nostalgia, the locals have insisted the park on the square be called the Gerans. In addition, a wooden well will be symbolically placed there to remind the inhabitants of the glorious past of the village.

Since there is a bicycle track in Balvan, the Brewers Union has given two bikes to the Center for Prevention and Sport, where students from the municipality are trained in road safety, prevention of smoking, alcohol and drugs, human trafficking, AIDS and others.

The playground for surviving in nature will surely provide fun and excitement for both young and old. Balvan is near Veliko Tarnovo, just about 20 km away so next time you visit the city of Tsras make sure you stop by Balvan as well.

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