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traditional Bulgarian food
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A festival of vegetables and garden soup is organized in Zlataritsa – traditional Bulgarian food

“Something tasty with a carrot” – taste the unique traditional Bulgarian food

traditional food

This unique festival is dedicated to vegetables. Also, it is organised only in Bulgaria and will have its 18th edition in Zlataritsa. With it, the city honours its Gurbetchii gardeners, with the help of whom the local church and school were built. In the past, every year, 600–700 people went on gurbet, but they came back and helped with the common affairs.

This year, Tsar Zelenchuk will be the carrot. Therefore, the organisers from the Municipality challenge all future participants to prepare a garden or vegetable soup of their choice. Applications for participation in the Municipal Administration are now being accepted; the deadline is August 25.

When and where?

festival food

The holiday itself will be on September 2, and the chefs must appear at 8 a.m. in the Chernichke area in Zlataritsa and be dressed in traditional costumes.
This year, prizes are also planned. One of them is for the best-arranged interior around the cauldron of the team. The mayor’s special award will be presented to the participant who pre-prepared or made on the spot the most attractive dish “Unseen Miracle with Carrot.”.

food festival

Visitors to the holiday must also be dressed in traditional costumes.

What is the story behind this festival

The mayor of Zlataritsa said that the holiday was created with great gratitude to those hardworking predecessors who supported the education and development of Zlataritsa. Each year, around 500–600 gardeners went abroad on Gurbet. In February, they left for the Czech Republic, Austria, Serbia, Moldova, and Russia, and returned in November, on Dimitrov Day.

traditional Bulgarian food

The first school in the town, the church, and the local museum were built with the funds of the gardeners. They also helped many poor but talented children study.

This festival is a must if you love traditional Bulgarian food 🙂

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