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48 Hours Varusha South" festival Veliko Tarnovo
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“48 Hours Varusha South” festival Veliko Tarnovo 18-20.08.2023

The second edition of the “48 Hours Varusha South” festival Veliko Tarnovo covers 80 events at different locations in Veliko Tarnovo!

The “48 Hours Varusha South” festival, with its first edition, showed what a community event is. In which every participant can find their theme and place. This festival is a community initiative whose mission is to present good examples of good neighbourliness. And also the symbiosis between the present and the history of the neighbourhood.

The program includes numerous events. Within 48 hours, present the opportunities available to the neighborhood for sports and activities for the whole family. Games, connection with nature, educational initiatives, culture and entertainment for all ages.

When and what to expect:

festival Veliko Tarnovo

During the warm August days, the activities will be located mainly along the cool river Yantra. This year, our friends from the Rivers of the City will be visiting us on the beach. As the evening approaches, the events will move from the outskirts of the neighborhood to the main street. Especially for the climax of the festival, the street will be closed to car traffic on Saturday evening between 20:00 and 00:00.

“48 Hours Varusha South” festival Veliko Tarnovo will include more than 80 events, so you have plenty of activities to choose from.

Partners of the festival: Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo, National Fund “Culture”, Bureau “Creative Europe”, the Collective, Foundation “America for Bulgaria”, Absolut vodka, Dynaphos, Regiocom SE, Chitalishte “Nadezhda”, BTA.

festival Veliko Tarnovo

Varusha South district

The Varusha South district is emblematic of Veliko Tarnovo. Its beginning is Stefan Stambolov Street, it covers a large part of General Gurko Street, Opalchenska. It also extends to Tsarevets Fortress Square and Kraibrezhna Street, following the Yantra River. It is one of the oldest neighborhoods that dates back to Ottoman times and contains a variety of architectural styles. The city’s most important museums and cultural institutes are located on its territory.

The last years, especially 2020 – 2022, are associated with the renaissance of the neighborhood and mark the beginning of its economic and cultural rise. With its lively atmosphere, low rents and plenty of vacant commercial spaces, Varusha South attracted young entrepreneurs and artists who gave the place a modern spirit. New specialty drinking establishments, restaurants, galleries, work studios, shops and places to stay have opened. A wave of renovation of cultural monuments and the offering of quality goods and services has turned this part of the city into a favorite place for relaxation and entertainment, not only for tourists, but also for residents of Veliko Tarnovo.

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