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Veliko Tarnovo joins the Earth Hour Movement

downloadVeliko Tarnovo will participate in the Earth Hour Campaign. Thousands of candles will be lit up on Saturday, 29th March. The event will take place in front of the Music and Drama Theatre Konstantin Kisimov at 20.30 pm.

Everyone is invited to join in and light a candle. The happening will be held under the slogan that we should all care about the Earth and together we should try and make the World a better place. Musicians and dancers are welcomed to perform and create cheerful atmosphere at the event.

During the Earth Hour people from all over the world symbolically turn off the lights in their homes for an hour; famous and significant buildings also become dark. All of that is done as a plea for a more sustainable future and as a symbol of commitment to the planet.

imagesOver 7000 towns and cities in more than 150 countries were engaged in the initiative last year.

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