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entertaiment veliko tarnovo
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Mindya Rock Fest 25-26.08. 2023 -Entertaiment Veliko Tarnovo

The 15th edition of “Mindya Rock Fest” begins – the largest free rock and blues festival outside Sofia

Entertaiment Veliko Tarnovo

If you are looking for entertaiment Veliko Tarnovo visit the village of Mindya. In two days, the audience will enjoy the performances of selected and quality band. Also there will be cold beer and hot kebabs, as every year. Two pubs will be open with plenty of seating for those who get tired.

Bands with decades of history and those formed relatively recently will share the stage at this year’s Mindya Rock Fest. The fest, which is the largest free non-capital blues and rock festival, begins on Friday, August 25. Thus, a 15-year-old tradition will be continued, which was not interrupted even due to the restrictions due to the coronavirus. Then the fest was actually streaming from the house of the political scientist Prof. Evgeni Dainov in Mindya. But it has already returned to its natural format.


In terms of enetrtaiment, idea, organization, “Mindya Rock Fest” is a scaled-down version of similar festivals held in London. Todor Nikolaev is the new face among the organizers of Mindya Rock Fest. He has more than 20 years of teaching experience behind him. Most of which took place in elite educational institutions on the island. To date, he teaches at the music school “Lyubomir Pipkov” in Sofia. Together with him, the program was presented by the founders of the idea for the festival, Prof. Dainov and Stanimir Gabrovski from the Mindya Rock Fest Foundation. The Mindya trademark would not have been possible without the efforts of Borislav Mavrodiev. And also the financial support is mainly provided by the Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo.

The program

“Gosho Minchev Orchestra”, which includes legends such as Vasko Krpkata and Razvigor Popov, will score first on Friday evening. After them, Bobo, Tosho and Tabakov, “Delta Roosters”, “Blues Traffic” will stand in front of the audience. A compliment from the organizers this year is also “Sakis Dovolis trio”. According to Prof. Dainov, the Greek formation is at the world level and it is a real honor to be able to include Mindya in its schedule.

Entertaiment Veliko Tarnovo

On Saturday, August 26, are The Drivers, Prof. Dainov’s Masters, Herman’s Wolf Band, Silhouette and Vasko Krpkata and Poduene Blues Band. On both evenings, the program starts around 7 p.m.

15 years of music history

“We will give the 15th anniversary what it deserves. At the festival, people from the audience met, got married, gave birth to children who have already formed groups and in years we will be waiting for them at the festival. The last three years, after the audience has rejuvenated itself, and it can only not be happy. Our audience is a true self-organizing festival audience. There are two or three guest houses in the village. Тhey are extremely insufficient, people know this and find a way to stay. Тhe places are sprayed against mosquitoes. Chemical toilets are also planned,” adds Evgeny Dainov.

rock fest

All accommodation in the region around Mindya is booked well in advance of the festival date. The organizers have planned 3 places for tents. Аnd Prof. Dainov’s house will once again gather dozens of fans of good music. You can’t miss this entertaiment Veliko Tarnovo.

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