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A big festival is being prepared in the Bulgarian Stonehenge – the deer village of Rayuvtsi event Veliko Tarnovo

In the village of Rayuvtsi – the pearl of the Elenski Balkan. It is called the Bulgarian Stonehenge because of the megalithic complex built in 2017. There will once again be an exciting and unforgettable festival filled with music and dance. “Rayutsi 2023” will be held on August 26, Saturday, at the picturesque Valcha Polyana above the “Yovkovtsi” dam. The organiser is the “Stars Under the Stars” foundation. The programme and the participants will be kept secret until the end, so the surprise is even greater. However, the foundation announced one of the events in advance.

What to expect from this event Veliko Tarnovo

From 7:30 p.m. in front of the monument of the legendary Valchan Voivoda, a solemn celebration of the anniversary of its opening, which was at the end of August 2015. The monument to Valchan Voivoda is the first in the country. The 7-meter monument is the work of sculptors Dimo Boychev and Vlado Manikov. The main enabler and initiator of its construction is the patriot Lubomir Pashov. The events of the festival will be on the stage in front of the “Wolf Duke” memorial complex. Their beginning will be around 8:30 p.m., immediately after the celebration.

Bulgarian Stonehenge

“We are looking forward to seeing you, and we are sure that this evening will leave an unforgettable impression on the hearts of all present,” invite the organisers. The foundation aims to preserve the customs and traditions of the Bulgarian people. As well as to collect, preserve, and disseminate knowledge about traditional culture, history, ethnography, and folklore. The place of the festival was not chosen in vain. The memorial complex combines three objects: the voivode’s monument, the Rajiv cromlech, and the chapel “St. Petka Tarnovska”. And is a magnetic place full of mystery and history. From July 7 to 9, the “Stars under the Stars” foundation, together with “Portal 12” organised the second edition of the “Bulgarian spirit through the ages” forum. It was an unprecedented success, and on July 18, a monument to Vasil Levski was unveiled in Rayuvtsi.

The village of Rayuvtsi


A small, unknown, and hidden among the folds of the Elenski Balkan village. Where natural beauties, sanctuaries, legends, the aroma of tranquility and world cultural memorials are gathered in a handful of places. A place that, once you visit, makes you feel like home, and where this interesting event, Veliko Tarnovo, will take place.

The big surprise here are the “Rajuv stones” the Bulgarian version of the world-famous Stonehenge. One can’t help but be amazed at the look and size of the raised stones forming a perfect circle. They are huge chunks of stone inscribed with thoughts, poems, ancient signs, and faces. In the centre was a rectangular stone, carved from the top, where people dropped coins for luck and health.

The legend of Valchan Voivoda

Valchan Bimbelov (Valchan Voivoda) was born in one of the villages or hamlets near Malko Tarnovo in 1775. Until the age of 18, he grazed sheep. He falls in love with the most private girl in the village, Rada, and they decide to settle down. However, she is also liked by this season’s Ismail Aga. Agata sends agents to arrest Valchan. They beat him up in Kausha and tell him that only if he gets close to Rada will they “cut” his throat.

The girl was forcibly taken by Ismail Aga. Valchan quickly recovers from the beating, and with several of his comrades, one night they break into the house of Ismail Aga and kidnap Rada. In the ensuing firefight, she was wounded and later died.

Valchan Voivoda

In just three months after this incident, Valchan gathered about 70 people, young Bulgarians like him, who could not tolerate the Turkish tyranny. His first associate was Pope Martin, first Kara Collo and then Stoyan Berberina were his by-laws. At first, I read revenge for the violence and atrocities committed by the Turks against Bulgarians. It increased to about 200 people and actually became the master of the lands from Malko Tarnovo to Lozengrad. There, the Turks no longer dare to commit violence against the Bulgarians, because they know that the revenge of the Wolf Duke is terrible.

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