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Varusha South
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A festival with nearly 100 events is coming in the old part of Veliko Tarnovo

A three-day festival “48 hours Varusha South” with nearly 100 events will enliven the old part of V. Tarnovo on August 19, 20 and 21.

This is the first initiative organized by the people of the neighborhood, for the residents and guests of the old capital. It will offer a diverse program, gathering a maximum number of entertaining, informative, educational and sports events within 48 hours. They will be held at a total of five locations – the Yantra river beach, the Museum of Architecture, Samovodskata charshia, the panoramic terrace with the dandelions, the space around the monument to Nicola Piccolo. All events in the festival program will be open to the public.

The program starts on Friday afternoon on the beach, which was restored by Tarnovo Runs and TAM. For the events, the beach will be ennobled with a pool, garden furniture, hammocks and other amenities for the attendees. As the night draws to a close, events will move to the high street with concerts and guest DJs on three stages. For the climax of the festival on Saturday evening St. Stambolov” will be closed to cars between 8 p.m. and 12 a.m.

The Museum of Architecture, also known as the Kiselova kashta, which ceased operations years ago, will also come alive during the festival. There will be film screenings, exhibitions, lectures, discussions and architectural workshops.

The idea for the event started more than a year and a half ago as part of the “Open City” project, in which 40 participants took part. Then, the challenge of living in “Varusha South” was posed as a common question and topic of the residents of the neighborhood. The idea crystallized after many conversations and research into the neighborhood’s potential. The purpose of the event is to give an opportunity to any aspiring artist, owner of a restaurant, establishment, hostel, services or otherwise, to show creativity in order to realize their ideas, to reach a wider circle of people. With the announcement of the dates of the festival, the warm-up program for it also begins. Until its beginning, numerous exhibitions, workshops and other initiatives will be held in the neighborhood to reveal the potential of “Varusha South”.

You can check the scheduled events for each week on the Facebook page of Varusha South.

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Traveling car cinema arrives in Veliko Tarnovo with four Bulgarian movies

The only traveling car cinema in Bulgaria will be in Veliko Tarnovo on May 12 and 13. It will be located in the renovated parking lot at the foot of the Tsarevets fortress on Kraybrezhna Street. Screenings will begin at 9:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. The cars check in 10 minutes before the start of the film.

The car cinema is viewed from a car, on a screen measuring 5 m x 10 m and 2 m above the ground. The sound is received by the car radio on the respective city frequency displayed on the screen on the day of the screening.

In two consecutive days, four of the highest-grossing Bulgarian titles of recent months will be broadcast:

Uncle Christmas – In the avalanche of comic situations, each of the characters is looking for what he craves the most – family, identity, forgiveness, love, compassion, friendship. There is no way their wishes will not come true, as long as they believe in Uncle Christmas.

Return 2 – The main character of the first part of the film is now beginning to lead an environmentally friendly lifestyle and care for the good future of people and nature. It is innovation that is the way in which this can be achieved most sustainably and effectively.

Yellow Oleander – The perfect plan of a dubious Bulgarian politician for a high post in Brussels, is related to his beautiful young wife, former Italian prime minister and a secret meeting that must decide everything.

Petya na moyata Petya – The film is the title of the story of the legendary young soul and poet Petya Dubarova. The director is Alexander Kosev, the screenwriters are Nelly Dimitrova and Valentina Angelova, who raise the curtain of the past to present to modern young people Petya Dubarova and her talent.

Those wishing to attend must purchase a ticket in advance or on the day of the screening. Seats are limited to 50-60 cars. Price: BGN 10 per person (BGN 8 for children under 14).

Enjoy works of art from around the world without getting up from your sofa
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Enjoy works of art from around the world without getting up from your sofa

If you love art but the current situation prevents you from enjoying a nice visit to a museum we’ve got the solution for you. You don’t even have to get up from your sofa to see some of the world’s best museums and galleries. Many are just a click away and completely free. Follow the links below for a day at the museum without leaving the comfort of your own home.

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Shopping Centre Veliko Tarnovo
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New Shopping Centre Veliko Tarnovo will be opened in the Poltava Complex

The new shopping centre Veliko Tarnovo will include a 3-story complex with an underground parking and a big cinema.

The owner of the cultural complex “Poltava” Velichko Minev is currently clearing some of the dangerous elements of the facade, where the cinema had been up until years ago, waiting to get the proper construction permit to completely rebuild Poltava. According to Minev the work that needs to be done will take around a year or so. He has plans to build an underground parking on 3 or even 4 levels if the terrain allows. As anyone living in Tarnovo knows parking in this town is extremely hard so a new parking will definitely come in handy. Besides an underground parking the complex will most likely include a cinema, as well as a few well-known retail chains.

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Veliko Tarnovo Watermelon Festival
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Watermelon Festival near Veliko Tarnovo– eating contest, body art, bowling and more

The 7th emblematic for the summer season – Watermelon Festival, which is traditionally held in the village of Nikyup near Veliko Tarnovo, is coming. The Watermelon Festival will take place on August 4.


Every year guests from all over the country come here. The festival is accompanied by a lot of music and dancing people. Every year, guests have the opportunity to enjoy an exhibition of local and visiting watermelon producers, a procession with watermelon lanterns, carving demonstrations and so on. The organizers also plan to have a watermelon eating contest and many other surprises. Besides the carving demonstrations, there will be also body art painting and many games.  Some of the games include rolling watermelons, guessing their weight and colour and bowling with watermelons. The village of Nikyup is known for growing high-quality local watermelons – sweet and with a thin peel.

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