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New hotel and closed complex with 120 apartments to be built in Veliko Tarnovo
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New hotel and closed complex with 120 apartments to be built in Veliko Tarnovo

A new big hotel is currently being built in the old part of Veliko Tarnovo, confirmed the main architect Nikolay Malakov. The hotel is of the type of aparthotel and is located in the area of Yordan Indjeto Street, near the Humanitarian High School. The investor is the company Sunny Turs, which bought a former building of the Metal Construction Company near the former railway station, as well as neighbouring private houses, in order to build up an area of nearly 3 decares. The building will be opened next year and is currently in rough construction.

A new closed complex is about to be built in the Kartala neighbourhood. The site is designed for more than 300 people, and it has 120 apartments, offices and shops planned. It will be located at the beginning of Alexander Burmov Street, where until recently the foundations of a previous building were unfinished. The complex will stretch over 3500 square meters.

According to the municipality, there is a large investment interest in the building of small hotels and guest houses in the old part of Veliko Tarnovo.  In the previously unattractive area work is started on the renovating of over 20 main and secondary streets, including the popular amongst tourists Gurko and Samovodska charshia. There is also a large parking for tourists formed, where buses with visitors will also go. All this leads to a boom in the construction of small hotels.

Seven small family hotels are being built above the Samovodska charshia in the Varusha neighbourhood. Their capacity will be for no more than 15 people. The old Ionov Inn at the entrance of the city is also being restored. Several large guesthouses are almost completed in other parts of Veliko Tarnovo. One is currently being made on Stefan Stambolov Str. and the other is at the beginning of Bulgaria Blvd.

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