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New hotel and closed complex with 120 apartments to be built in Veliko Tarnovo
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New hotel and closed complex with 120 apartments to be built in Veliko Tarnovo

A new big hotel is currently being built in the old part of Veliko Tarnovo, confirmed the main architect Nikolay Malakov. The hotel is of the type of aparthotel and is located in the area of Yordan Indjeto Street, near the Humanitarian High School. The investor is the company Sunny Turs, which bought a former building of the Metal Construction Company near the former railway station, as well as neighbouring private houses, in order to build up an area of nearly 3 decares. The building will be opened next year and is currently in rough construction. Continue Reading

Veliko Tarnovo town

Veliko Tarnovo town district Varusha is undergoing renovations worth 2.3 million leva

Varusha, Cholakovtsi, Buzludzha and central part of  Veliko Tarnovo town will be renovated with 11 milions leva. The project is called “Preserved and Authentic, Attractive Urban Environment of Veliko Tarnovo”

More than 2.3 million leva will be invested in the renovation of the infrastructure of the old town Varusha. The plumbing system of the territory is replaced and now they will fix the cobbled streets. The funds are attracted from the large-scale project of the Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo for urban environment financed under the Operational Program “Regions in Growth” 2014-2020. In the northern part of the quarter (above the Samovodska Charshia) the construction works will cover the streets Captain Dyado Nikola, Dragoman, Mednikarska, St. Cyril and Methodius, Pobornicheska , P. R. Slaveikov, Georgi Mamarchev, Pop Matey Preobrazhenski, Vastanicheska. The contractor will maintain the authenticity of the entire Veliko Tarnovo

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