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Elena Veliko Tarnovo elenski but fest
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Elenski But festival in Elena gathers people from Veliko Tarnovo and the vicinity for its 6th edition

One of the most “delicious” festivals in Bulgaria is going to take place this weekend in the small mountainous town Elena Veliko Tarnovo. The so-called Elenski But feast has become extremely popular and is now being organized for a sixth consecutive year. The event attracts more and more people each year and it is now among the top-rated happenings of its kind.

Traditionally, The Elenski but celebration  is carried  out on the last Saturday of October and this season it will last for three days- from October, 27th to  October, 29th.

The organisers- the Municipality of Elena Veliko Tarnovo and the local Tourist Council- have prepared an interesting and varied  programme with plenty of attractions, games, competitions, folklore performances, traditional crafts demonstrations, etc.

The official opening will be on Saturday morning and before that, on Friday evening, the guests will be able to enjoy the magnificent performance of the Balkanika  folklore dancers from Veliko Tarnovo. Famous actors and public figures as well as local cultural and art communities, and dance formations will entertain the public so there will be a little something for everyone. The exhibition under the motto “Lost traditions, revived flavours” is worth seeing and will surely appeal to the visitors.Culinary delights at the Elenski But festival

The organizers have thought about the “little” audience as well- specially for the children, Veliko Tarnovo’s  puppet theatre “Vesel” will present the play “Hitar Petar”.

And of course, the core of the 3-day fest will be the culinary delights. An old tradition will be re-enacted- pig scorching over a pit, and everyone will have the chance to please their senses with old-times traditional meals and the magical taste of the Elenski But. The delicacy, popular throughout Bulgaria, is a dry-cured ham which owes its specific flavor to the unique climatic conditions in that part of the Balkan where Elena is located, and the special process of making (it is left to air dry for several months at least).

One such event can’t go without culinary competitions and to everyone’s satisfaction they will be surveyed by one of the top chefs in Bulgaria- Mr. Andre Tokev.

According to the coordinators of the event, one of the main attractions in the program will be the adventure called “Tracing the Elenski But that has vanished.” It will be a real challenge for the lovers of the local specialty, and the award- Elenski But that has been prepared and seasoned according to a special local recipe- is well worth the efforts.






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