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In Strelets, guests are welcomed for the Feast of the Sugar Broom and Majuna

Village of Strelets invites you to the Feast of the Sugar Broom and Majuna – Festival Veliko Tarnovo region

The eighth edition is on October 14 (Saturday) at 9:30 a.m. in the center of the village. The organizers of the fest are the Strelets City Hall, the Board of Directors of the “Zarya – 1900” Primary School and the “New Century” Pensioners’ Club in the village.
In a specially designated culinary corner, various dishes and dishes prepared with majoon will be displayed. The judge of the evebt is chef Ivaylo Ivanov. He was a participant in the third edition of the Hell’s Kitchen reality show.

Teasty traditional Bulgarian food

The guests of this Festival Veliko Tarnovo will have the opportunity to taste majoun, as well as other culinary delights. A special guest will be the historian and researcher of Sagittarius Niki Nikolov.
Performers and ensembles from the municipalities of Gorna Oryahovitsa, Elena, Pavlikeni and Razgrad will take part in the folklore program of the holiday.

The cultivation of sugar broom in Strelets dates back to the founding of the village in the 18th century. The climate, similar to that of the Arbanash plateau, is extremely favorable for the growth of sugar broom. People then gathered in special rooms to extract the juices from the plant. Turning them into majun, which in other parts of the country people call petmez. During the Turkish slavery, before the appearance of the sugar broom, majun was made from watermelons and melons.

However, with the spread of broom, it became absolutely preferred because of its high sugar content. The process of making majuna is slow and takes several months. It starts with the sowing of the seeds in the spring and ends in the autumn. Also the broom have to be dug up regularly and, if necessary, thinned. Its cultivation resembles that of corn, with the difference that broom is more drought-resistant.

On the day of this Festival Veliko Tarnovo, the guests will have the opportunity to try majoun and other culinary delights. They will also enjoy the performances of folklore performers from the municipality.

What is Sugar broom:

Saccharum is a genus of tall perennial plants of the broomsedge tribe within the grass family.

The genus is widespread across tropical, subtropical, and warm temperate regions in Africa, Eurasia, Australia, the Americas, and assorted oceanic islands. Several species are cultivated and naturalized in areas outside their native habitats.

Saccharum includes the sugarcanes. They have stout, jointed, fibrous stalks that are generally rich in sugar. And measure two to six m (6 to 19 ft) tall. All sugarcane species interbreed and the major commercial cultivars are complex hybrids.

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