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The craft festival “Night of the Samovodska charshiya” – entertainment in Veliko Tarnovo for young and old

The twelfth edition of the “Night of the Samovodska charshiya and Festival of Crafts” will be held between 20-24.09

Over the years, the event has established itself as an invariable part of the cultural calendar of the Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo.
In order to turn it into a real colorful holiday and delight the residents and guests of the city, the program foresees many events every day. And more than 60 participants from all over the country will contribute to the good mood with their wonderful handmade goods. Cant miss this entertainment in Veliko Tarnovo.

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1,600 performers from four countries arrive for the Petropavlovski Folklore festival Veliko Tarnovo

Folklore festival Veliko Tarnovo

After the folk of the Sujuka Festival, it is the turn of folklore from all over Bulgaria, plus several other countries.

There will be two festival in Veliko Tarnovo region. Оne in the Summer Theater in Gorna Oryahovitsa and one near the Peter and Paul Monastery – Lyaskovets.

Nearly 1,000 participants will dance and sing on the renovated stage of the Summer Theater in Gorna Oryahovitsa. This will be part of the restored “Rahovche” festivals of the National Community Center “Brothers of Potters-2002”. It will be in the period June 17-24, 2023.

It will include:

– the 11th edition of the National Festival of Folk Clubs and Groups “Folk Rosary” – June 17 at 7:00 p.m.

– 16th International Folklore Festival “Rakhovche” with the participation of Georgia, Poland, Turkey

– the 18th edition of the “Rahovche” National Children’s Arts Festival, in which children from all over Bulgaria will take part.

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entertaiment in veliko tarnovo
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Weekend full of events, festivals and entertaiment in Veliko Tarnovo region

More than 1,700 performers from all ethnic groups will take part in the National Folklore Festival “In the middle of a village square in Arbanasi”

In the middle of a village square in Arbanasi

The twelfth edition of the prestigious cultural forum is this weekend – June 10 and 11. “Ilarion Dragostinov – 1897” PN in the village of Arbanasi is the organizer of this festival. With the assistance of the Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo and Arbanasi City Hall. This interesting entertaiment in Veliko Tarnovo is not to be missed.

The festival has a conceptual approach. Therefore awards will be held in two categories – for authentic and for processed folk. The best performers will reseive prize money and certificates . They will compete in different age groups and perform as singers, dancers and in reenactments of customs.

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veliko tarnovo festival sujuk
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The three-day celebration of the Gornooryakhovsky sujuk awaits guests from near and far – Veliko Tarnovo festival 9-11.06

Gornooryakhovsky sujuk

For the 16th time, Gorna Oryahovitsa will host the holiday with a rich culinary, musical and dance program

Gornooryahovski sudzhuk is entered as a protected geographical indication in the European register of protected designations of origin. As a result, this is the first Bulgarian protected geographical name according to the European quality policy. Recalled the representatives of the three meat processing companies that have the right to produce it. The delicacy will be available as a dried product and freshly grilled. Gornooryahovski sujuk is produced from single-grade quality beef with a bouquet of characteristic spices. Most importantly, it’s without additives and is dried for no less than 15 days, according to the association. As a result, the production is attracting a lot of interest in more than 20 countries in the European Union, according to the producers. This year Gornooryahovski sudzhuk – Veliko Tarnovo festival will hosts guest from the region and tourists from abroad.

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The Arbanassi Summer Music festival begins

The twelfth edition of the International Classical Chamber Music Festival, known as Arbanassi Summer Music festival, begins on July 13 near Veliko Tarnovo. The program of the event offers four concert evenings, which will cover two of the emblematic medieval churches of the Arbanassi architectural reserve – “St. Archangels Michail and Gabriel” and “St. Georgi”. Eight of the best musicians in all of Europe, including Bulgarian musicians, famous on the world stage, will present the beauty of classical music to the Veliko Tarnovo audience.

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