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Suhindol, the City of Wine is getting ready for February 14 – entertainment Veliko Tarnovo region

Desi Dobreva comes to the “Zarezan party” in Suhindol

Once again, a rich festive program is being prepared in Suhindol for February 14. And the accompanying events start before the 14th.

entertainment Veliko Tarnovo

To make everyone happy in Suhindol, they will have a competition to roll a 225-liter keg. Those interested can join in the central square on February 11 at 12.00.

Scheduled for February 12 at 7 p.m., the Suhindol Municipal Council will hold a solemn meeting. On the same day, from 18.00, Vladi Vargala will present his author’s performance “Memoirs of one Vargal”.

The program for 13th and 14th of February for this entertainment Veliko Tarnovo region

The “Bulgarian Medieval Symbols” exhibit will happen on February 13 at 5 p.m. in the Ritual Hall of the Municipality.
And one hour later, the traditional “Zarezan party” will begin in the hall of the community center. This year’s guest performer is the favorite singer Desi Dobreva.

The program on the festive day of February 14 will begin at 9:00 a.m. with a liturgy for the well-being of the municipality in the church “St. St. Peter and Paul”. At 10:30 a.m., a dance is traditionally held in the center of the town.

At 11.20 everyone will head to the area of Dimchanski Zavoy. Where they will prune the vineyard. From there, at 12:30 p.m., everyone will head to the Varbaka area. After the festive merriment, the contestants will perform a special dance called “How to beat black pepper.”

The ceremonial procession starts at 14.00 and it will end with lots of songs and dances in the central square.

Who is Trifon Zarezan

On February 14th Bulgarians celebrate Trifon Zarezan – one of the oldest customs in the Bulgarian national calendar. This is a labor custom related to the first processing of the vine of the year – its spring pruning. The other names of the holiday are Zarezanovden, Trifun Chipia, Trifun Zarezoi, Trifun pianitsa. Nouns are Trifon, Trifonka, Lozan, Lozanka, Grozdan, Grozdanka, Radko, Radka, Racho. Vintners, gardeners and innkeepers celebrate on this day.

In Bulgaria, Trifonovden was celebrated originally on February 14. Saint Trifon, who helped farmers, winemakers, and hoteliers, gave his name to the holiday.After using the Gregorian calendar, people started celebrating it on February 1 and February 14 became Vintner’s Day. Despite the existence of disparities and ambiguity, it is evident that in Bulgarian culture, the two holidays are intertwined. And also this is demonstrated by the fact that the saint is often shown as a young person with cutting tools.

Saint Tryphon was born in Asia Minor in 227 AD. These places were once home to vines and wine. He became famous for being able to heal people and for helping the daughter of the emperor Gordian. A powerful Roman ruler named Decius Trajan hated Christians intensely and killed him when he was 21 years old. Because he still believes in God. In old pictures, the saint holds a sickle-shaped tool called a koser. Maybe Bulgarians believed that he was a vine grower and cutter because of this.

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