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A medieval pub from the 13th century was discovered during excavations – news Veliko Tarnovo

The discovery was made at the old part of the town, just under Tsarevets fortress

Interesting news Veliko Tarnovo an unusual find came out during rescue excavations on “Ksiliforska” Street near the replacement of the water pipe. On December 12, archaeologist Ilian Petrakiev came across a pit with 13 almost identical vessels – 12 clay and 1 glass, from the 13th century.

They represented jugs with handles with a capacity of a liter – a liter and a half, and their uniformity suggests that it is a medieval pub. And not only that, but glasses and even a bottle came out.

More about this news Veliko Tarnovo

“Such a concentration of vessels in one pit is at least the first time I have encountered it. The pit came out in the middle of the road and we had stopped the buses number 50 and 110. Alexandra Yanakieva and Veselin Stoyanova are working on the restoration of several vessels. When everything is ready, we will give more information”, announced the archaeologist to the media. Last year, Nedko Elenski and Iliyan Petrakiev, as part of the team, worked along “Ksiliforska” Street along a rather long – nearly 600 meters, and 60 cm deep route, from which curious finds emerged. Nedko Elenski discovered 4 skulls and three Cuman furnaces there.

The route of the canal along this street passes through one of the districts of the medieval capital. Which turned out to have been very busy and densely populated at the time.
Unfortunately, studies there in a wide perimeter are impossible. In 2023, archaeologists from the Regional History Museum – Veliko Tarnovo carried out observations at the request of investors. And also the work on the new intersections in the city also opened up a lot of work for them.

Interesting discoveries in the area

Several archaeological sites were investigated during the last archaeological season. The state or the Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo funds them. With a government grant, two sites in Nicopolis ad Istrum were investigated. One was that of Ivan Tsrov for the completion of the archaeological survey in the South-West corner sector of the Forum Complex.

Excavations there began in 1983. Archaeologists have extracted all information from the field.The team also includes Kalin Chakarov and Mihaela Tomanova. “I decided that there is nothing more to study in the field, the office work remains”, summarized Ivan Tsrov. The second project from Nicopolis ad Istrum was related to a geophysical survey. In the land of the village of Samovodene, a team geophysically explored a small site. Also under the leadership of Kalin Chakarov.

A poster exhibition with some of the recent discoveries of Tarnovo archaeologists and moments from the excavations will be shown in the old capital. It will be in front of the Faculty of Fine Arts from February 1 to 20. Аnd is in honor of the professional holiday of Bulgarian archaeologists, which is on February 14.

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