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The German chain KiK has opened a second store in Veliko Tarnovo

Just a few months after entering the Veliko Tarnovo market, the German chain Kik expanded its presence and opened today its second store in the old capital. It is located in the Shopping Center of the Central Cooperative Market and covers an area of ​​500 square meters. As a compliment to all customers on Friday and Saturday there is a 10% discount from the announced price of every item in the store.

The chain offers tens of thousands of items, 70% of which are clothing for the whole family – a wide range of children’s, women’s and men’s clothing in a wide range of sizes. The selection of baby clothes is very good, all items are of high quality and almost all of them are 100% cotton, with baby-friendly dyes. In the store, customers can also find an exceptional variety of souvenirs, toys, household items and decorations, as well as different items for their pets. The nomenclature is the same as in the German KiK stores and is intended for the mass customer.

The prices in the store are competitive and are many times lower than those offered in such stores, compared to the quality.

Every Wednesday the store will be loaded with new goods. Most of the products come from the Far East, Turkey and Iran, but all pass for verification and testing for quality and durability of the material through the central laboratory of the chain and only then are released for sale.

9 jobs have been created in the new KiK store. The working hours of the site will be from 9 am to 8 pm, without a day off.

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Short news from Veliko Tarnovo area


The statue of Valchan Voyvoda

A monument of the legendary Valchan Voyvoda (military commanders of Slavic populations) was officially open last Saturday in the village of Rayuvtsi in Elena Balkans. This is the only monument of the famous haydutin (a romanticised hero figure who steals from, and leads his fighters into battle against the Ottoman Empire). The memorial statue is full-length and made of white stone; it towers over Yovkovtsi Reservoir at Valchova Polyana (meadow). Valchan is one of the most famous Bulgarian rebels who devoted 80 years of his life to revel activity. All the money which Valchan Voyvoda obtained was given away for the liberation of Bulgaria and education of the Bulgarian population. He was born on January 7th, 1775 and died on March 23rd, 1879 at the age of 104. Continue Reading

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Local patriotic club will recreate life in the Middle Ages on Tsarevets Fortress

tsaravetsAn open air museum on Tsarevets Fortress in Veliko Tarnovo will reproduce the life people led in the Middle Ages. The local patriotic club Tradition came up with thе idea; they have been taking care of the various tourist attractions and eventс taking place on the hill for years now. Their efforts led to Tsarevets being the most visited tourist site nationwide.

In collaboration with Veliko Tarnovo Municipality and the Tsarevgrad Tarnov Municipal Tourist Agency a medieval settlement depicting crafts typical for the locals from XII to Continue Reading


The 4th annual Trabant Fest in Veliko Tarnovo

The Trabant has sentimental value for some Bulgarians

The Trabant has sentimental value for some Bulgarians

The 4th annual Trabant Fest will be held today at 12:00 pm with a route starting from Vasil Levski Str, through N. Gabrovski Str, Krakov Str, Bulgaria Blvd, Marmarliyska Str, and Magistralna Str.


Proud owners of The Trabant from across the country are gathering once again in Veliko Tarnovo for the fourth edition of the unique Trabant fest.
This famous car was produced in the German Democratic Republic between the years 1957-1991 at a factory in Zwickau, during which more than 3 million vehicles have been constructed.


Car owners from Sofia, Rousse, Dimitrovgrad, Plovdiv, Varna and Burgas are expected to arrive for this year’s Trabant festival in Veliko Tarnovo.
Fans of this cute car explain that maintenance of the car is not too expensive. Even though the production of these cars stopped more than 20 years, parts can still be found.


3D mapping and laser show for Veliko Tarnovo Day

3D mapping and laser show in Veliko Tarnovo last year

3D mapping and laser show in Veliko Tarnovo last year

The logo of the candidature of Veliko Tarnovo for the European Cultural Capital 2019 will be the culmination of the three-dimensional light show on the facade of Boris Denev Art Gallery on March 22, Veliko Tarnovo Day.

The attraction with duration of 15 minutes will start at 8pm. The show combines lights and lasers, 3D mapping and spectacular pyrotechnical effects. The three-dimensional images on the facade of the art gallery will recreate events from Bulgaria and Veliko Tarnovo’s history.

A total of 10 lasers, 120 intelligent light appliances, 4 projectors and 4 server computers will be used for the implementation of the show and video processing used for the mapping.

This year 4 more full colour new generation lasers will be used to make the show even more spectacular., which then will be followed by gorgeous fireworks. Weather-permitting, there will be an additional surprise on the Stambolov Bridge.

In order to guarantee the safety of citizens and guests of Veliko Tarnovo, access to the bridge and the Asenevtsi Monument will be temporarily restricted.

The 3D show can be observed from Gurko Street, Teodosiy Tarnovski Street and the panoramic terraces along the Nezavisimost Street.

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