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The German chain KiK has opened a second store in Veliko Tarnovo

Just a few months after entering the Veliko Tarnovo market, the German chain Kik expanded its presence and opened today its second store in the old capital. It is located in the Shopping Center of the Central Cooperative Market and covers an area of ​​500 square meters. As a compliment to all customers on Friday and Saturday there is a 10% discount from the announced price of every item in the store.

The chain offers tens of thousands of items, 70% of which are clothing for the whole family – a wide range of children’s, women’s and men’s clothing in a wide range of sizes. The selection of baby clothes is very good, all items are of high quality and almost all of them are 100% cotton, with baby-friendly dyes. In the store, customers can also find an exceptional variety of souvenirs, toys, household items and decorations, as well as different items for their pets. The nomenclature is the same as in the German KiK stores and is intended for the mass customer.

The prices in the store are competitive and are many times lower than those offered in such stores, compared to the quality.

Every Wednesday the store will be loaded with new goods. Most of the products come from the Far East, Turkey and Iran, but all pass for verification and testing for quality and durability of the material through the central laboratory of the chain and only then are released for sale.

9 jobs have been created in the new KiK store. The working hours of the site will be from 9 am to 8 pm, without a day off.

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