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Traditions of Sirni zagovezni come to life in Elena – festivals Veliko Tarnovo region

Spring is across the corner and more festivals Veliko Tarnovo region are approaching

The Municipality of Elena organizes a holiday on March 17, Sirni zagovezni. On this day asking for forgiveness, masking, and lighting fires will come alive in Elena. We will fill the tables with pies, cheese, eggs, halva, yogurt, baked apples, and traditional breads. And because this is happening on the eve of the longest and strictest fast, Easter. There will be songs and dances from young and old.

After the amazing pies for St. Charalampius. Which residents and guests of Elena will enjoy not only as spectators, but also as tasters. This time, contestants will prepare the most masterful cheese pies for the competition. The aim of the organizers is mainly for children and young people to touch Bulgarian traditions. And to understand the meaning of forgiveness, respect for the elderly, the purifying power of fire, the importance of Christian fasting.

The celebration begins at 11 a.m. in the AIK “Daskalolivnitsa”.

In Elena, they will chase the evil of Sirni zagovezni together. And also they announced a competition for the scariest mask. “That’s how it was for Sirni zagovezni”, under this motto, the Municipality of Elena organizes a city-wide celebration in the “Daskalolivnitsa”.

Mask competition

festivals Veliko Tarnovo region

Children will be able to show their creative imagination in making the scariest mask to demonstrate to the audience. Children from kindergartens and students from all municipal schools can participate in the announced competition. These materials – wool, yarn, cardboard, threads, beads, leather, wood – can be used in the process. At the celebration, each participant must be present with a ready-made mask. With which to participate in the mass pursuit of evil. The adults hold a contest for the most masterfully prepared cheese pie.

History of the holiday Sirni Zagovezni


Sirni zagovezni (forgiveness) is an important winter-spring holiday in the folk calendar. Its numerous names are related to the ritual typical of the holiday. Forty-nine days before Easter, it is celebrated always on Sunday. On the last day before Great Lent, you can consume foods of animal origin, such as cheese, milk, eggs, and so on. After Meat have been discontinued, only food of vegetable origin is allowed. During the week between Mesni and Sirni zagovezni, before Sirna Sunday, various rites and customs are performed, many of which come from pagan times.

Before the dinner on Sirni Sunday, Sirni Zagovezni must complete the “forgiveness” custom. Younger people go around older relatives and relatives – father-in-law, mother-in-law, father-in-law and mother-in-law, godfathers, older brothers and sisters, and ask for forgiveness and kiss the hands of the hosts, uttering traditional lines: “Forgive, little one, dad… “. “God forgive” is the obligatory response. The holiday is also known as forgiveness. Without forgiveness, one cannot heal.

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