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Veliko Tarnovo
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Veliko Tarnovo agricultural show 2018 – featuring traditional Bulgarian cusine

Old Bulgarian recipes with sheep’s milk, cheese and meat will be cooked for the visitors of the forthcoming Seventh National Festival of Sheep Breeders in Bulgaria. From 11th to 13th May near the Petropavlovski Monastery (just 10 km from Veliko Tarnovo) the forgotten taste of folk cuisine will be shown by amateurs from different parts of the country.

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Veliko Tarnovo town

Interruption to electricity supply in Veliko Tarnovo town and the municipalities: Lyaskovets, Strazhitsa, Gorna Oryahovitsa on April 25, Wednesday

Veliko Tarnovo town

Tomorrow there will be planned power outage in the Veliko Tarnovo town and some of the neighbouring municipalities. Electric Distribution North AD, Distributor service centre Gabrovo and Gorna Oryahovitsa informs its clients that:

On  April 25, 2018, from 8:30 am to 8:35 am, from 1:00 pm to 1:05 pm and from 4:30 pm to 4:35 pm
due to switching on of  the electricity supply facilities the electricity will be interrupted in the area of: Veliko Tarnovo town – zone “B”, “Lazurna” Str., “Veneta Boteva” Str., 4, 13, 17, 19, 21 “Dragan Tsonchev” Str., 4 Todor Ivanov Str., Vasil Zlatarski Str., Stoyan Koledarov Str., Yordan Kulleiev Str. and in part of the villa zone “Pishmana”. Continue Reading

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Contest for the tastiest home-made lyutenitsa in Lyaskovets


Tasty combo – lyutenitsa spread on a slice of bread and garnished with white cheese

Tomorrow, 18th September, Lyaskovets, near Veliko Tarnovo, is hosting a contest for the tastiest home-made lyutenitsa. The winner from the last year’s edition of the competition, Mariyka Baycheva from Merdanya, is going to demonstrate how she prepares her delicious tomato and red-pepper spread in front of the audience so if you want to get the knack of how to cook a tasty lyutenitsa, now is the time to do it. Continue Reading

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Visit the delicious Skariada.BG

skariadaA grill-flavoured fest with lots of cheerful music will be held near the Peter and Paul Monastery close to the town of Lyaskovets, not far from Veliko Tarnovo. The event will take place from September, 1st till September 6th.

This will be a special celebration dedicated to the quality and tradition of Bulgarian taste accompanied by nice music and the aroma of tasty temptations sizzling on the BBQ. Bulgarian producers will present traditional meat products and dishes, and foreign chefs will show their masterpieces at the event. Continue Reading