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renovation of the pass of the Republic
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The renovation of the Pass of the Republic has been completed

In the afternoon of November 11, the traffic on the repaired nearly 22 km from the Pass of the Republic – road II-55, in the section Kilifarevo – Predela is restored. With the completion of the construction works the traffic safety during the forthcoming winter season should be highly increased.

Hainboaz is an extremely tense road artery in our country, with between 8,000 and 12,000 vehicles pass daily through it. The route is the main road connection for the intensive heavy traffic between Northern and Southern Bulgaria, as well as for the passengers from the Danube Bridge 1 border crossing through Stara Planina to the Kapitan Andreevo and Makaza border checkpoint. The condition of the pass on the territory of Veliko Tarnovo region was highly compromised. There were broken safety nets and guardrails, the slopes needed to be torn down and stabilized.

The repairs started on October 4, when all traffic in the repaired section of the pass was closed. It was supposed to last until October 31. The prolonged rains in October, however, led to this unexpected delay.

The section has restored asphalt pavement, collapsed and networked slopes, improved drainage, the facilities have replaced expansion joints, new horizontal markings, restraint systems (guardrails) and more.

During the repairs, 2,200 tons of asphalt mixture were laid, 300 cubic meters of slopes were demolished in an alpine way and 50,000 square meters of nets were laid, which protect the roadway from landslides. 350 cubic meters of landslides have been cleared and 60 cubic meters of road slopes have been strengthened.

The value of the repair works is BGN 2.1 million with VAT. The contractor is Patni Stroezhi – Veliko Tarnovo AD, with which RIA has a contract under the Public Procurement Act for current repair and maintenance of the national roads in Veliko Tarnovo district.

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