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New system for intelligent waste collection

New system for intelligent waste collection in Veliko Tarnovo and a mobile application for separate collection of packaging waste

Eco Partners Bulgaria AD starts the implementation of a solution of the type “smart containers” for separate collection on the territory of Veliko Tarnovo. The organization relies entirely on innovative technological solutions, showing its high commitment to environmental issues and in particular to waste from packaging.

Eco Partners Bulgaria AD is the organization for recovery of packaging waste, which organizes the separate collection in the Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo. The company has already signed a contract to build the new system, which will cover color containers. The smart innovation is expected to be fully operational early next year. This will support the waste management process and is expected to improve the overall condition and vision of urban spaces.

With the implementation of the new system it will be possible to monitor in real time the level of filling of the containers, their location, the temperature in them. It will also monitor when there is movement, lifting, emptying, which allows to counteract significantly more effectively attempts at vandalism.

After a certain period of time and gathering a sufficient database in the system there will be wide opportunities for changing and optimizing the routes for container services, which will reduce to a minimum the “empty” courses.

This is expected to save money, technical and human resources, to minimize unpleasant views and difficulties for residents from overcrowded containers and excess traffic generated by the maintenance of vessels. Last but not least – it will help reduce harmful emissions into the air.

Mobile application facilitates the separate collection of packaging waste

The team of Eco Partners Bulgaria AD has also developed a product, created in favor of the separate collection of packaging waste – the mobile application Eco Partners App. With this App, consumers receive information about the different types of packaging and how and where it is right to dispose them. This can be done in an interesting innovative way – namely by scanning the barcode of the package.

Except in the application, the user can see on a map all the yellow and green containers for separate collection of packaging waste of Eco Partners and find the closest ones. Thus, in an accessible and fascinating way, each consumer will have the knowledge of proper separate waste collection. The application can also very quickly and easily report to the organization associated with a specific container.

Eco Partners invites consumers to become an even more active part of the process with a multi-prize game

From November 2 to December 2, the organization launched a campaign to collect product barcodes in the application’s database.

Adding a product to the database is extremely easy: scan the barcode of the package, enter the name of the product and the material from which the package is made, and add a photo. Within the campaign, different prizes can be won, depending on the number of product barcodes, added by each user. Eco Partners gives everyone the opportunity to choose for which prize to participate. In this way, the organization will make citizens active participants in creating a cleaner present and future! The Eco Partners application is available for free download on Google Play and the App Store. You can see more about it and the related prize campaign on the Eco Partners website:

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