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The vote is over. Here are the rest of the mayors of the villages in Veliko Tarnovo district.

The vote is over. Here are the rest of the mayors of the villages in Veliko Tarnovo district.

The vote is officially over. All of the villages in the Veliko Tarnovo area that didn’t choose their mayor on the first try have now chosen. See the results below.

Dobromir Dobrev won the battle for Gorna Oryahovitsa municipality with 51,13%. Ivelina Getsova is the mayor for Lyaskovets municipality with 59,85% and Mihail Ganev is the new mayor of Zlataritsa with 53,31%.

Results for Mayors of villages in Municipalities:

 Veliko Tarnovo Municipality:

Samovodene – Stefan Muglov is the new mayor of the village with 57,34% of the votes.

Kilifarevo – Dimitar Subev is the mayor with 49,75% support.

Gorna Oryahovitsa Municipality:

Dolna Oryahovitsa – The new mayor is Yordan Baichev with 67,25%.

Krusheto – Ivelina Georgieva is the new mayor with 53,39%.

Pisarevo – Ahmed Mustafov won with 58,43%.

Draganovo – Svetoslav Ivanov is the mayor with 60,50%.

Varbitsa – Yordan Petrov with 52,95% won the elections.

Lyaskovets Municipality:

Dragijevo -The mayor with 54,55% is Marian Popov.

Merdanya – Marin Lytskanov won by 57,42%.

Pavlikeni Municipality:

Nedan – The mayor is Georgi Georgiev who won with 56,94%.

Gorna Lipnitsa – Georgi Stefanov is the mayor with 50,85%.

Patresh – Valentin Velev won by 57,83%.

Polski Trambesh Municipality:

Klimentovo – Stoyan Angelov is the mayor with 55,61%.

Petko Karavelovo – The new mayor is Svetoslav Shtirkov with 59,97%.

Radanovo – Yordan Yordanov is the mayor with 68,02%.

Obedinenie –  Hristo Ganev is the new mayor with 55,45%.

Orlovets – Violeta Marinova with 62,14%, begins her fourth term as mayor.

Strahilovo – The new mayor is Nikolay Dimitrov with 64,80%.

Polski Senovets -The new mayor is Krasimir Kolev who won with 61,67%.  

Elena Municipality:

Konstantin – Mayor will be Stoyan Komitov with 59,37%.

Maysko – The mayor is Zoya Angelova with 52,22%.

Strazhitsa Municipality:

Asenovo – Stefan Dimitrov is the mayor with 54,62% of the votes.

Blagoevo – Ivan Ivanov is the mayor with 51,81%.

Kamen – The new mayor is Ivan Kalchev, who won the ballot by 50,07%.

Svishtov Municipality:

Gorna Studena – Loreta Kostadinova is the mayor with 54,37%.

Oresh – Lyubomir Ironov is the new mayor with 59,49%.

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